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Steak Escape Franchise Information
steak escape franchise
The Steak Escape name and reputation for fresh, quality food are recognized across North America and beyond.
Support and Training: Yes

Steak Escape Franchise Information


Steak Escape Franchise Information:

The Steak Escape name and reputation for fresh, quality food are recognized across North America and beyond. Our restaurants are in 23 states and four countries, offering our made-to-order menu of fresh-grilled Cheesesteaks and specialty Subs, Fresh-Cut Fries, Salads, Wraps, Steak Burgers, and Smashed Potatoes. The centerpiece of all our restaurants is the grill, where we proudly prepare our customers’ food right before their eyes.

“Laid back, casual, and family friendly, a good option for the hungry carnivore”

— Baltimore Sun

“Steak Escape, the country’s most popular place for the cheesesteak addict”


“Steak Escape is Cleveland’s best sandwich shop”

 Fox 8 Television, Cleveland

Steak Escape was born in 1982 to provide customers with a dining experience that was different from any quick-serve meal they had previously encountered. 29 years later, we remain committed to providing that unique experience, while offering our franchisees the opportunity and freedom to make lifestyle choices that can’t be achieved from behind the desk.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to make a very comfortable living as a Steak Escape franchisee for 19 years. I continue to build new stores because, quite honestly, I’ve not found a better place to put my money.”

Greg Thomas, Steak Escape franchisee for 19 years Jackson, Mississippi

We are happy to open our doors to you as a part of the most transparent development process in the franchise industry. Please come in and explore, learn all there is to know about our people, our business models, our past, and our future.

Then, help us understand your situation and your long-term goals and we’ll see if there is a fit that works for both of us. We look forward to working with you.


For hungry people on the go, Steak Escape is the alternative quick-serve restaurant that provides a wide variety of fresh, hot, quality food at a reasonable price in a friendly environment. A great alternative to ordinary fast food.

Our Vision

Escape Enterprises will provide franchisees with a menu of business models that will allow them to offer superior products at competitive prices in a variety of settings designed to make Steak Escape® the preferred Quick Serve Restaurant of the American consumer.

Franchise Support

To help franchisees succeed, we offer a variety of expert support at start-up and on an on-going basis.

  • Guidance for market analysis, site selection and negotiations
  • Engineering/construction support through the development process
  • Comprehensive training both initially and on an ongoing basis
  • Technology support and management reporting
  • National purchasing contracts to control costs
  • Expert marketing support
  • Regional Operations Consultants

We also provide continuous support to ensure our menu appeals to customers. We are constantly researching trends in tastes and diets to develop new and exciting menu items.

Six models from which to choose.

  • Strip Center End Cap
  • Free-standing
  • College Campus
  • Airport
  • Mall Food Court
  • Convenience stores “Steak Escape Express”

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Support and Training: Yes
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