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CFS Coffee franchise
CFS Coffee
  ABOUT US Two years ago, we opened our first brand store in the Unite
Franchise Fee: $30,000
Initial Investment: $107,400 - $215,000
Support and Training: Yes

CFS Coffee franchise



Two years ago, we opened our first brand store in the United States, a 900sqft coffee shop filled with all the Colombian flavor and essence in every detail and finish that time, we only had the determination of bringing to American customers a 100% signature premium Colombian Coffee in the most beautiful and welcoming environment and we did it. Now, we are ready for our next step: to expand this magical realism experience everywhere!

CFS It ́s a brand for those whom enjoy the best things of life, our vision is to create a great experience based in the Colombian coffee culture, we have the purpose to make this a better world by giving value to our local farmers and by creating entrepreneurial opportunities for all those who are passionate about making good decisions and tasting the flavor of success.

CFS Coffee will be franchising the Company’s operations in order to bring the expertly engineered Colombian coffee as well as an impressive international food menu to all parts of the United States. Through franchise development, CFS Coffee will have the ability to operate locations in new markets and areas without the cost and management responsibilities that would come with widely distributed Company-owned outlets.

cfs coffee franchise


When you join the CFS Coffee


cfs coffee


As a member of the CFS Coffee franchise team, you will receive the following training:

Initial Training – Held at franchisor’s headquarters in Winter Park, Fl for approximately two to three weeks of initial training. Beginning approximately eight to twelve weeks before the franchisee is scheduled to open for business.

Onsite Training – Held at the franchisee’s location for one week to assist in the commencement of operations.

Refresher Training – Franchisees will be required to attend up to two days of refresher/update training per year in up to two sessions.

cfs coffee franchise


As a start-up franchisor it is important to consider territory availability before granting a franchise. The duration of franchise agreements makes it difficult to recapture territory that has been contractually obligated to another franchisee, regardless of whether you have determined that additional stores can be placed. It is for this reason that an exclusive franchise territory is widely considered a major selling point.

Contrary to an exclusive territory is an Area of Primary Responsibility. An Area of Primary Responsibility provides a geographically defined area for which the franchisee is responsible to market within. An Area of Primary Responsibility does not grant any territorial exclusivity to the franchisee.

On an ongoing basis, it is commonplace for franchisors to offer exclusive territory as an incentive to multi-unit developers. If a franchisee is qualified to purchase multiple locations, a franchisor will provide them an area, defined by zip codes or other geographic identifiers, and a timetable that this area must be developed. The exclusion of this territory expires at the end of the allotted timetable. It may appropriate to grant franchisees a 12-month right of first refusal for any new locations that are identified within their territory.

Some important questions to ask are:
What are the minimum required demographics in order to support a
Would locations being placed too close together have a negative impact on each location’s sales? Am I willing to give additional territory to early franchisees as an incentive?

After reviewing the existing CFS Coffee locations, and discussions with CFS Coffee management, a market of 50,000 population and a strong demographic profile will be more than sufficient to support a single CFS Coffee location.

Franchise Marketing Systems recommends that CFS Coffee offer exclusive territories to their franchisees as one of the key benefits to early adopters. Down the road, this could be altered and CFS Coffee might switch to an Area of Primary Responsibility in which the franchisees would not have exclusive rights to their areas of business.

We will look at each area (beyond population and geographical distance) to evaluate the potential for doing business in that region based on numerous socio-economic factors such as average household income, existence of competition, etc.

CFS Coffee franchise


Types of qualifications recommended for potential franchise owners include:

  • Strong sales and customer service abilities.
  • Good with organization.
  • High personal standards.Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 3.28.30 PM
  • Able to meet initial investment requirements.

Targeted experiences may include:

  • Existing business owner.
  • Restaurant professionals.
  • Businesses involved in the food-service business.
  • Entrepreneurs/investors/believers in the brand.

Interested? Complete the form for more detailed owner information. Thanks!

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Franchise Fee: $30,000
Initial Investment: $107,400 - $215,000
Support and Training: Yes
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