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Mobility City franchise
Mobility City Franchise
Own a business focused around mobility! We offer quality repairs and products to get our clients going again!
Franchise Fee: $34,950.00
Initial Investment: $89,950 - $149,450.00
Support and Training: Yes

Mobility City franchise

mobility city franchise



Mobility City is the premier and one-of-a kind cleaning and repair service for wheelchairs, power chairs, mobility scooters, lift-out chairs, home-based hospital beds, and other mobility products.

Our passion for developing the Mobility City franchise program came from the realization that there was no organization dedicated to the repairing, cleaning, and maintenance of mobility equipment which helps seniors, disabled and, injured persons, young and old.

In reality mobility equipment acts as an extension of the senior citizen, disabled or injured person.  We also realize that they are unable and do not know how to maintain their equipment which over time progressively gets worse.  It’s a fact that most users are in their mobility equipment an average of 16 hours a day.

Persons using a wheelchair or scooter always collect dust and dirt on their equipment in their normal travels. Also, it is a medical fact that unclean areas, especially those within stagnant environments are very susceptible to fostering infection.  Persons with fragile, thin skin, ulcerations and predisposition to skin breakdown should have their mobility equipment cleaned frequently.

Doctors and healthcare professionals know it is important to maintain mobility equipment in clean and top-notch working condition for the benefit of the patient.  We have become the “go to” company for cleaning and repairs for healthcare professionals and facilities.  

Our 33 combined years of experience in mobility cleaning, repairs and sales along with our proven model will you to be successful and minimize risk as you look to enter a solid industry that will always be in high demand.

A Mobility City franchise offers you:

•To be your own boss.

•To realize financial independence.

•To achieve great satisfaction with helping others.

•To incorporate Mobi™, state-of-the-art technology to conduct and grow your business.

•To utilize a specially-designed, easy-to-learn franchise training program.

•To integrate a franchise operations and continued product training support program.

•Most of all no prior experience required, just an entrepreneurial spirit!

mobile wheelchair business


We all know someone—mom, dad, a relative, friend, neighbor or colleague—living with a disability that affects their ability to walk or move independently.  The following statistics underscore the Mobility City opportunity.  

In the United States 2018:

•$6.8 billion in sales is the expected manual and power wheelchair market.

•6.7 million live outside of institutions use an assistive/mobility device

•1.6 million reside in a nursing, assisted living or congregate care facility/institution use an assistive/mobility device.

•There are 3.6 million wheelchair users.

•There are 2 million NEW wheelchair users every year.

•About 1.8 million wheelchair users are age 65 or older.

The above statistics do not reflect mobility devices from sports arenas and special event venues, stadiums, theaters, race tracks, NASCAR, amusement centers, shopping centers, big-box retailers, schools, airports, train stations, hi-rise residential complexes, local pharmacies, disabled Olympics, etc.


U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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By joining Mobility City as a franchise owner and becoming an integral member of our network family you will be providing our signature business model to individuals in your community which, is presently not being provided by any other company in the mobility and health care service field.

Mobility City is a premier and one-of-a-kind cleaning and repair service for wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, rollating walkers, lift-out chairs, home-based hospital beds and other mobility items.  More specifically, scooter users spend more than half of their day in their scooters and rely on professionally trained technicians to resolve the difficult mechanical problems because of the complexity of the equipment.  The Mobility City professional technicians play an important role in helping the senior citizen, disabled or injured person maintain their quality of life by being readily available to fix the problems. 

The Mobility City corporate center has contributed to growing, strengthening, and developing our franchise system.  This is achieved by providing our franchise owners with a “mission focused” training program featuring the latest operating system, Mobi™ state-of-the-art technology system, comprehensive marketing program (ie: social and digital, etc.), product sourcing relationships, initial and ongoing training and education, and the experience of understanding the healthcare industry all with the ultimate goal of taking care of our customers.

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mobility city franchise

How Will You Make Money?

There are multiple revenue streams directly related to wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, rollating walkers and even lift-out chairs and home-based hospital beds.  They are as follows:

•Offering a complete repair, replace and service menu for items such as batteries and battery chargers, tires, hand controllers, motor assembly, safety grips, tightening screws and bolts, installing accessory and warranty items, etc.

•“Steam Cleaning Program” for individuals, corporate, institutions, special groups, etc. •“Service Warranty Program” for individuals, corporate, institutions, special groups, etc. 

•Shop at home for mobility products, bathroom safety items; grab bars, stair lifts and aids for daily living.

•Rentals of wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, etc.

•Installation of grab bars, portable ramps, stair lifts, etc.

•“Customer Consignment Program” (applicable for franchises with a retail location) for “gently” used mobility products for those who wish to upgrade or sell off extra equipment.

•“Pay-to-Own” or a lay-away program for individuals with fixed incomes.


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Franchise Fee: $34,950.00
Initial Investment: $89,950 - $149,450.00
Support and Training: Yes
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