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Impresa Modular Franchising
Impresa Modular Franchising.
Impresa Modular ( was founded in 2008 to transform the way houses are purchased in America by offering the largest National Footprint of any Licensed General Contractor

Impresa Modular Franchising



Impresa Modular Franchising

Impresa Modular is the only nationwide modular home building business that also helps entrepreneurs throughout the United States build their modular home building businesses. We have the experience, the knowledge, the systems, and the tools to provide a solid foundation for you to build your business—join us!

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Impresa Modular Franchising was created to provide those in the building industry, or those with a desire to join it, the ability to succeed with off-site modular construction.

We talked with many builders and developers. We listened to what they were saying and to their struggles. We heard their concerns and their fears; grappling with skilled labor shortages, the hardships of marketing, selling, and building, and working so hard in their business they never got to work on their business. They had heard about off-site modular construction but there was little builder training or support available.

That’s when we decided to do more — to offer consulting services and support the learning curve across the wide range of off-site modular construction modern building processes. In 2019, Ken created Impresa Modular Franchising, LLC to allow existing contractors, architects, entrepreneurs, or practically anyone to adopt off-site modular construction.

We offer an extensive range of services, marketing, technology/software, processes, and support that enable our franchisees to rapidly become a proficient custom modular home builder. By providing solutions for all phases of the home building business, we empower our franchisee builders to quickly become competitive and profitable.

We are laid back – but energetic. We are grateful for our successes – but still driven to do more. We want to continue to work with fun, excited, energetic and motivated people.

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Why Impresa Modular?

Better Value for the Builder and the Customer

Construction labor productivity is falling rapidly. In America, about the same number of housing units were built in 2016 as in 1992, but it required about a 46 percent increase in labor to accomplish it. Labor productivity with modular has shown an increase of 30% on off-site projects when compared with on-site projects. Ultimately, risk is reduced with off-site construction.

The Most Visited Website is the most visited website for custom modular home building in 2019 averaging over 6,400 sessions per day. Impresa Modular Franchisees gain access to all of the leads in their marketing area that register at

Did You Know?

With modular construction builders have better control of costs by locking in pricing on 65% – 85% of your home materials.

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Our Support Systems

Impresa Modular has grown to become the first successful nationwide builder of modular homes in the country. That success was not accidental; it was based on developing, growing, and perfecting all of our systems to support a company that could successfully provide our modular homes across the country. Ours systems cover marketing, sales, payroll, customer communications, scheduling, service management, and more.


Our automated marketing system will allow you to spend less time copy and pasting messages, manually following up with leads and clients, and more time meeting and serving your clients.


Spend less time on payroll, more time on your business. Our intuitive systems help make payroll effortless — just as it should be. And with integrated HR functionality, managing your employees will be just as simple.

Business Process

Your whole building world can be managed together in one powerful system from the pre-sale process, project management, financial tools, and customer management. Features include real-time, shared access to construction scheduling, task management, change orders, documents, photos, warranty, home owner selections, and much more.


No one expects you to be an accounting expert — that’s why our system keeps everything organized in one place. Connect your bank account to automatically import and categorize transactions, sync with popular apps and take photos of business receipts. All of this will help you save time and energy that can instead be invested in your business.

Call Management

We utilize a cloud-based PBX system with features that include call auto-attendant, company directory, call forwarding and handling, multiple extensions, a mobile app for iPhone and Android, Business SMS, video conferencing and screen-sharing, and fax.

About Impresa Modular

Impresa Modular ( was founded in 2008 to transform the way houses are purchased in America by offering the largest National Footprint of any Licensed General Contractor building exclusively with Modular Construction. Based in Martinsburg, WV, Impresa Modular scales the build process by completely offering and integrating the home selection and purchasing process all on the internet through its dynamic website First to market with exciting news, Impresa Modular embarked the third quarter this year into the world of Franchising. Impresa Modular Franchising has been created to grow the modular home construction industry, by offering unique to modular, training, support, and systems designed to create a successful modular home builder out of people from all walks of life. As the labor crunch continues to worsen we are looking to find new ways to get new people into the modular home construction field.

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