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HolySheets franchise
Holy Sheets franchise
Since launching the business in 2010, Eric Yugar has spent years building, managing, and perfecting the HolySheets business model and operating structure.
Support and Training: Yea

HolySheets franchise


An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Since launching the business in 2010, Eric Yugar has spent years building, managing, and perfecting the HolySheets business model and operating structure. Now, from its base of two company-owned locations, HolySheets has learned the business from the inside out and the supplier and manufacturer relationships are stronger than ever. For these reasons, among others, HolySheets has decided to begin franchising as a vehicle of growth to unify its business growth under a common system and name.


The system itself is well positioned and poised for growth with a proven track record and highly experienced operations and management team. The business model is extremely simple to operate and requires relatively limited staffing or training. All of the products and accessories are sourced from direct suppliers and the management and visionary principles are derived from Mr. Todd’s vast experience and business acumen.

Join Holysheets and make a difference in your community and your life today.

Holy Sheets is Unlike other Franchise Options

The HolySheets Franchise model will be a fixed retail location providing luxury furniture and bedding-related products. The operating model is simple in nature and operational complexity, but delivers an extremely convenient and quality experience to the customer with great results to the bottom line. It offers franchisees the opportunity to leverage supplier relationships developed from the home office with years of experience.

Locations will range in size from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet, depending on the market and availability, and will be located in mid-range rent areas with monthly rents from $3,000 to $7,000 depending on your market. In some markets, the locations could be highly visible from the street and allow for walk-in foot traffic but we prefer mall locations. The store layout should be open and allow for the customer to easily find products and see the prominent displays. The sales floor should be clean and well lit to emphasize the products with the highest prioritization. A counter will be at the front of the operation and is where the customer is checked out and greeted from. Employees and management in the store should be courteous, professional, and should be knowledgeable about the merchandise carried in the store.

Although the product line may vary by location, most of the products carried by each HolySheets retail location will be purchased through the direct suppliers that will be arranged by HolySheets Franchising, LLC and its affiliates.

HolySheets has developed comprehensive marketing strategies to maximize market potential and drive traffic into the locations efficiently and effectively. The brand, marketing system and leadership team bring decades of marketing leadership to you and your franchise business.

holy sheets

A Revolutionary Opportunity in Franchising

On average, we will spend almost 3,000 hours sleeping every year. A body is like a temple, requiring comfortable surroundings and a soothing feeling to deliver a peaceful night’s sleep. HolySheets believes that its customers deserve a comfortable pillow to cradle their head, and soft luxurious sheets to envelop their skin and warm their soul.

HolySheets USA® is one of the most talked about luxury furniture store companies in the world today. Renowned for offering super-premium products for more than 8 years, people everywhere recognize the quality associated with the HolySheets brand and are more likely to be repeat customers because of it.

The HolySheets model is simple and structured efficiently to provide profitability and ease of operating management. The operating model has been structured with well-defined processes and reordering systems in place, which allows for ease of replication and will make for a straightforward training program with new franchise partners.

HolySheets franchisees will offer premium furniture, bedding accessories, bed sheets, and more. The stores offer a unique mix of SKUs that are sold at a large discount, usually from name brands or affiliate companies (holysheets/holysleeps).


Supported By a Team of Professionals

A member of HolySheets field support staff will visit each franchisee according to a schedule that is appropriate (based on the length of time that an individual has been a franchisee).

When the franchisee’s store first opens for business, a member of the corporate team will visit the location multiple times over their first year. After that first year, the physical visits will be decreased in favor of teleconferencing.

The Franchisor has a formal mechanism to ensuring quality control and franchisee success rates in developing new markets. Field supervisors are in place to be onsite and providing training/support to franchisees on a constant basis.

In addition to field support, members of the Franchisor organization will provide the services listed below.
The Franchisor must assign a specific person to cover each of these support areas (one person can be assigned to more than one task). The names of support staff members who are officers, directors, or have significant management responsibility in conjunction with franchisees will be disclosed in the HolySheets Disclosure Document. The Franchisor has the responsibility to assign a person/people to each task during the development of the franchise program.

Holy Sheets franchise

Operational Support

The Franchisor will provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of the franchisee’s business, including unit operations and maintenance, customer-service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines and administrative procedures.

HolySheets Marketing Support
HolySheets will coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies for the benefit of all members of the franchise network. It will also supply franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at the local or regional level, and retains the right to approve all local advertising materials that the franchisee chooses to develop. Eventually, all marketing materials and collateral may be uploaded on to an intranet that would provide the franchisees the ability to download documents whenever needed.

HolySheets Purchasing

The Franchisor or its affiliate will negotiate quantity discounts on behalf of all of its members, passing some or all of these savings on to the franchisees. This will include elements such as the holysheets® line of bed sheets, marketing materials, and other needed items for operating a HolySheets location.

HolySheets Accounting/Audit/Legal

Reporting directly to administration, this department is responsible for the financial and legal oversight of franchisees. HolySheets will be providing support and guidance to franchisees on how to manage their books, but they will ultimately be instructed to hire their own CPA for their individual business.

Ongoing Research and Development

HolySheets management and leadership will continue to research methods and techniques for franchise operations (including purchasing and promotional schemes) that enhance unit-level profitability. There will be continued research and development on how to better operate the retail locations and how to more profitably manage a HolySheets franchise.

The Next Step

Join an emerging concept serving the increased need for a better company. Join the growing number of owners who have taken control of their futures. Join Holysheets franchise.

To take the next step toward independent business ownership in the franchise industry, please fill out the form.

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