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EventPrep franchise
The event planning market is big and getting bigger. In 2015, the event planning market generated in excess of $5 billion in total revenue, and what makes this market segment unique is that only 5% of
Business Type: Event Planning
Franchise Fee: $40,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes

EventPrep franchise


The event planning market is big and getting bigger. In 2015, the event planning market generated in excess of $5 billion in total revenue, and what makes this market segment unique is that only 5% of that revenue is controlled by the top four industry players. ( ) This means a large, significant market with high degrees of fragmentation and extensive market opportunity. Growth in this segment has been consistent in recent years and is expected to continue through 2020. The market is defined by specialists who focus on one particular niche of event planning work and target a particular customer category.



EventPrep® offers you the opportunity to build a solid financial future for yourself that is unparalleled by other opportunities in the franchise marketplace. This is due in part to the significant market growth within the event planning industry, but also because of the multiple revenue streams available to you as a home-based franchise. In today’s professional world, the perception has changed significantly regarding home-based work places. A home-based business is given as much credibility and professional respect as one operating an office or retail space, but it also offers you the convenience, comfort and flexibility that many others have only imagined in the past. This growing market segment creates a unique position for you as an EventPrep® business owner to provide professional services to your clients that create the value and support they need.

EventPrep® is a business managed by established, credible and integrity-driven professionals who have succeeded in the event planning market at the highest degree possible. With decades of experience in the industry, you can be confident that you have the guidance, support and expertise behind you needed to shorten the learning curve and quickly take your business to market.



The franchisee’s business can essentially be broken down into three streams of revenue:


The first three rules of planning a great event are location, location, location. Researching, negotiating and selecting the proper city/venue can be a stressful, all-consuming task for clients. EventPrep® Franchisees can ease the client’s burden by listening to their needs, gathering and analyzing data, making professional suggestions and leveraging their industry relationships to provide the best venue options for the event. EventPrep® Franchisees will proactively advocate for their client’s best interests and negotiate the most attractive contracts possible on behalf of their clients.

Researching venue options that meet client parameters

Reviewing venue feedback and providing professional guidance

Negotiating favorable contract terms

Proprietary hotel contracts that protect the franchisees and clients

Supporting clients every step of the way through the contracting process

As a benefit to EventPrep® Franchisees, our corporate office will provide viable, commission-generating leads to assist Franchisees with establishing their business. With an 80/20 commission split, EventPrep® is the one of the most favorable in the industry.


In many ways, EventPrep® serves as an extended staff for the client’s organization. EventPrep® franchisees can further support their clients with professional event planning and management services to ensure a quality conference experience for attendees. You can either plan the event yourself, or receive a generous commission by reselling our sister company’s talented workforce.

Services available within the onsite delivery platform are:

Event Managers and Event Planners

Registration Managers, Registration Assistants & Registration Support Staff

Technology Managers (to support onsite badge printing services)

Food and Beverage Management

Audiovisual Management

Speaker / Sponsor / Exhibitor Management

Off-site Event Venue Selection and Management

Ground Transportation Management

Signage / Design / Print / Collateral Management


Event staff can be overwhelmed with duties before an event. As a true partner to client’s, EventPrep® franchisees have a full network of resources at their fingertips to support client needs. Event Prep franchisees can receive a generous commission by reselling services from one of our many trusted industry partners.

Audiovisual Equipment Rental & Management

 Graphic Design / Professional Printing

Event Décor and Production

Online Registration Management

Name badge creation & production (pre-printed or onsite badge printing)

Housing Management



EventPrep® management and support team will work with you to understand and fully grasp what an ideal operation and territory management model will be for the business to succeed. There will be one full week of initial classroom and instructional training at the Franchisor’s headquarters in Dumfries, VA, or at a location designated by the Franchisor, beginning approximately two weeks before the franchisee is scheduled to open for business. This training will cover all the technical and strategic aspects in being able to implement and manage the day to day business of the EventPrep® franchise model.


On-site training will take place when you commence operations of your EventPrep® franchise model. An experienced trainer from EventPrep® will provide on-site training for a period of 2-3 days to assist you in the commencement of operations and support a successful launch of the business. This will typically be aligned with sales meetings so that the Franchisor can sit in on the discussions and help close deals with potential clients.



You would be required to attend up to two days of refresher/ update training per year in one session at the corporate headquarters in Virginia (or another location to be determined by the Franchisor). This on-going training will be provided at no cost.


EventPrep® has a structured process to determine if we are a fit for one another to protect both you as an investor and us as a brand who cares about the success of our franchisees, partners and clients.

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Business Type: Event Planning
Franchise Fee: $40,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes
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