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Conair franchise
Conair franchise
Conair Corporation is the name many households and businesses in New York have trusted since 1963 for their heating and cooling needs.
Support and Training: Yes

Conair franchise


Why Conair

Conair Corporation is the name many households and businesses in New York have trusted since 1963 for their heating and cooling needs. When our customers talk of Conair, they associate our name with expertise and honesty. Operating by these two valuable principles allowed us to gain a loyal client base and to grow our company.

Choosing to partner with Conair means receiving the same warmth and loyalty our customers have always shown us. They know that our technicians do things right and according to schedule while respecting their requests.

As Conair franchise partners, expect to receive extensive training and support to streamline your HVAC business operations. We will train you on how to use cloud-based dispatching, marketing, call booking, mobile GPS tracking, and more. These technologies allow you to manage your business anywhere.

Our team also provides insights on how to overcome challenges and maximize your location’s efficiency.



Rest assured that we will remain your partner and be with you every step of the way. Helping you develop and grow your business through the decades.


Conair has more than five decades of experience, and we keep ourselves abreast of the latest in the industry to cater to a broader range of customer concerns.


Work with the best team! We employ only hardworking, expertly-trained, and certified technicians who have respect for customers time and property.

Partner Support

When you work with Conair, you don’t have to figure out how to grow your business alone. We provide keen franchisee support, and we are always quick to respond to your questions.

con air franchise

Our Business Model

We built our model around the business and administrative aspects of the enterprise. Since 1963, our business model has helped HVAC businesses grow. Our strategic partnership allows you to grow your business without going over budget. While we’re one of the most recognizable brands around, our royalty fees are relatively lower.

We offer stock options to our franchise partners — a better opportunity than any you may have had as an independent operator. Whether your HVAC business caters to residential or commercial customers, count on us to help you cultivate more business in your territory.

Training & Support

Conair follows a fair and reasonable structure when providing you with a territory. As your area is exclusively yours, you have plenty of room for growth.

With Conair as your partner, achieving growth and success will be easier. Conair provides regular coaching and training, tools and systems, as well as personnel resources that save you from the pressure of being an expert in every facet of running the business. We will give you access to a pool of resources that take care of answering the phones, balancing the books, and dispatching the technicians.

As a Conair Franchisee, we help keep your mind off administrative tasks, so you can focus on growing your territory.

Convert Your Business

Consider the Ways Franchising with Conair Can Benefit You
Of the many HVAC franchise opportunities out there, we believe that Conair has what it takes to help you grow your business. It’s easy for small business owners to feel like their not expanding. Growing a business can be hard without the experience and expertise of a well-established advisor in your industry. This is precisely the reason that our franchisees started out as HVAC business owners who needed guidance in order to take their businesses to the next level.

Expand Your Business
Join the East Coast HVAC Leader
If the growth of your business has slowed, we understand your position. Having been in business since 1963, we understand what it’s like to need to come up with innovative ways to expand. Other HVAC franchise opportunities likely can’t match our experience in the industry. When you become a Conair franchisee, our experts will help to provide you with new ideas and inspiration to help grow your HVAC business.

Enjoy Top-Notch Support

The ongoing support we offer to our converted franchisees is one of the most significant benefits of franchising with Conair.

The challenges of growing your business as an independent entrepreneur can be massive, especially when you’re trying to navigate them alone, without the advice of an expert. The support that we offer our converted franchisees is one of the best reasons to convert your business to a Conair HVAC franchise. Our experts will provide you with resources to make the day-to-day management of your business as simple as possible, and mentoring to help you stay on top of your game when it comes to new developments in the field.

Maintain Your Independence

As a franchisee, the growth of your business will depend on you and your hard work – just like it did before you converted your business

Many independent business owners worry that converting their business to a franchise won’t allow them to keep their independence. We can’t speak for other HVAC franchise opportunities, but at Conair, we want our franchisees to feel just as much ownership in their business as they did as independent owners. We’ve developed a number of processes and procedures over the years that we do ask our franchisees to implement at their locations. We believe that embracing these new systems will help you to grow your business effectively. Contrary to running your business independently, you’ll enjoy the support, connections, and resources to go even further with your business when converting to a Conair franchise.

Who is a Good Candidate to Become a Conair Franchise Partner?

At this time, Conair is seeking to help existing HVAC business owners take advantage of this HVAC franchise opportunity. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the people who would benefit most from franchising with Conair. We’re seeking HVAC business owners who:

  •  are bogged down with operational and administrative tasks: Our resources and tools can help you enjoy greater freedom.
  • … are having trouble finding new customers: We provide resources to develop leads.
  • … are looking for stronger supplier relationships: Our strategic partnerships give you access to cutting-edge technology using Conair’s negotiated discounted rates.
  • … are looking for more from their investment: Becoming a shareholder in Conair Corporation gives our franchise partners the opportunity to benefit not only from their own business but from the strength of our company’s stock performance as a whole.

Interested? Complete the contact form for detailed information on this opportunity today!

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Support and Training: Yes
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