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Cloud LGS franchise
Cloud LGS Franchise
The ultimate small business opportunity:We provide web design, search engine optimization and social media. We provide you with the resources of a digital marketing agency and with the ultimate websit
Franchise Fee: $50,000
Initial Investment: $76,750 - $114,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes

Cloud LGS franchise

What is Cloud LGS?

Cloud Lead Generation Solution is the ultimate online marketing system for your business. All tools and features are mobile phone friendly. Create your Website, Email Campaigns, Online Store and more with Cloud LGS.

Our goal is to provide the best mobile phone website experience possible. Our collection of online tools & features make it easier to grow your business from a mobile phone. Cloud LGS provides an improved mobile device experience while still delivering an incredible desktop version too. There are no coding or programming skills required to create a mobile friendly website with Cloud LGS. Small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere love Cloud LGS because it’s so easy to use. It’s the easiest self-edit mobile website system ever created. Anybody at any computer skill level can create a mobile friendly website with Cloud LGS.

Cloud lgs franchise

What Makes us Unique?

  • We’ve developed our own proprietary website builder and CRM management software. This enables us to offer our customers more for less since we own our technology.
  • Most of our competitors are using someone else’s technology. Which means they are at the mercy of the technology they’re using.
  • We are more transparent than the competition. Meaning we provide real proof of completed work.


Why Cloud LGS?

  1. You’re buying a proven formula for success.
  2. You don’t have to go through it alone.
  3. We have a built in support system.
  4. You are provided with marketing and advertising tools.
  5. We offer ongoing operational support.
  6. We provide more resources to help you scale faster.
  7. You gain automatic access to strategic and beneficial partnerships and agreements.
  8. You can instantly profit from intellectual property, trademarks and patents without hassle.
  9. You can build a business and feel confident it will be around for generations.

      10.You have a team of people helping to protect the integrity of the brand.

Make money selling marketing services to anyone with a websites or needing a website. We offer web design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, and social media marketing.

Start your business inside an industry worth over $65 billion…. and growing.


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cloud lgs

Our Support


Operational Support

Marketing Support

Accounting Support

Audit Support Legal Support

Cloud LGS will also continue ongoing research and development, which will stream down to each franchise location.

With these great areas of support, becoming a franchisee of Cloud LGS could not be easier!




  • Some one with an appetite for big growth.
  • Work-o-holics
  • People with sales, customer service and marketing experience
  • Business management background
  • Entrepreneurial minded
  • Team Oriented
  • Ex-athletes The best Cloud LGS franchisees will
    have success with dealing with business owners and decision makers. They will operate with complete integrity in the business and in all aspects of dealing the customer. They will understand and grasp the culture and the change that Cloud
    LGS brings to the industry. The business model is based on short- and long-term customer relationships and requires that the franchisee oversee and manage the business closely.


Next Steps

Fill out the evaluation form! After the form is received, the next steps will include:

1. Qualifying Call
2. Introduction to Cloud LGS

3. Setting up the Appointment

4. Follow-Up
5. Launching your own Cloud LGS

Listing Details

Franchise Fee: $50,000
Initial Investment: $76,750 - $114,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes
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