Alternative Canine Training franchise
alternative canine franchise
Like the coffee shop business before Starbucks or the video rental industry before Blockbuster, the “Dog Training” industry segment is without a dominant brand.
Franchise Fee: $35,000
Initial Investment: $56,600 - $83,300
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes

Alternative Canine Training franchise

About Us

Alternative Canine Training is a dog training service based in Royal Oak, Michigan that was started by Bonny Wainz in 2000. The Alternative Canine Training business model is a unique approach to the dog training business in that there is a distinctive marketing and operating format the organization uses, which provides operating efficiencies along with higher levels of profitability and greater revenue growth potential. In addition to an operating concept that delivers premium services and has strong differentiators, the Alternative Canine Training model is based on a love for dogs, which allows dog owners to feel comfortable knowing that their furry friends are in good hands.With a growing demand for pet services, especially in major markets like Detroit, the founder of Alternative Canine Training recognized an opportunity in this marketplace and beyond. Bonny Wainz started the company and has since, helped 1000s of satisfied customers train their dogs while continuously innovating the business to the point of franchisability.

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Why Alternative Canine Training?

Like the coffee shop business before Starbucks or the video rental industry before Blockbuster, the “Dog Training” industry segment is without a dominant brand. The industry is largely made up of fragmented “mom and pop” operations with a few big box pet stores dipping their toe in specialty training. Through the careful development and calculated preparation of the business model, the pet training industry segment will be enhanced by Alternative Canine Training. This will be accomplished through a finely tuned operating model, local franchise partners taking on the financial commitment and operational responsibilities and operating technology that allows the organization to scale effectively. Alternative Canine Training is uniquely positioned to take full, positive advantage of this business segment with a brand, operating model and marketing system that offers a higher likelihood of success and a stronger operating presence than the rest of the industry:


Strong operating location based in a prime market of Royal Oak, Michigan which is run and operated by the management and original founder of Alternative Canine Training. The operating prototype is in a great market and will show extremely well in the franchise buying process.


Alternative Canine Training has a strong potential ROI for a franchise owner. With minimal overhead, a low start up cost for a business and applicability in just about any market, the concept is financially sound for someone looking to build some additional revenue..


The Alternative Canine Training model is operationally simple and runs smoothly with a low amount of employees and is a reasonable workload for an owner/operator. The business is simple enough and being a service-based operation provides for a very basic operational structure


The general perception is that pets are becoming a more and more important part of people’s families. With a growing concern for their wellbeing and overall feelings, Alternative Canine Training offers a level of service and comfort to its clients that meet these high standards and expectations.


The Alternative Canine Training model is one of several pet-related models in the franchise and license marketplace. The concept is differentiated by providing in-home training which is something that drives additional business. It allows the dogs to learn in their most familiar environment, which in turn, makes it more likely to remain properly trained.


The key benefit of the Alternative Canine Training model is the structure of the operation itself. An Alternative Canine Training franchisee would benefit enormously from an operating system that could be grasped easily by an intelligent and motivated franchisee interested in learning the business. There would obviously be a preference for people who have an affinity towards pets and animals.


Alternative Canine Training has a sixteen-year track record of successful growth and profitability. This has been accomplished despite difficult economic circumstances, particularly when the business was first launched.


Alternative Canine Training operates with a high level of integrity and a commitment to strong customer service. Franchisees will be required to follow in this same core philosophy for the operation of their locations.





  • Operational Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Accounting Support
  • Audit Support
  • Legal Support

Alternative Canine Training will also continue ongoing research and development, which will stream down to each franchise location. With these great areas of support, becoming a franchisee of Alternative Canine Training could not be easier!

alternative canine franchise


The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills and will operate with complete integrity. He or she will benefit from a background in management and experience with canine training. Someone who is outgoing and is motivated will also be a great fit for the Alternative Canine Training team. A franchise owner, in general, should have strong sales abilities, high personal standards, and some experience in the business.

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alternative canine franchise

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Franchise Fee: $35,000
Initial Investment: $56,600 - $83,300
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes
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