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ABC Imaging franchise
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With more than 35 years of experience, ABC Imaging is a well-oiled machine that can help you hit the ground running.
Liquid Capital: $100,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: No

ABC Imaging franchise


ABC imaging franchise

Why Franchise

We know the decision to invest in a franchise is a big one and potential franchise owners have lots of questions.

How Much Does It Cost to Open My Own Franchise

Because each territory, location, owner, and store is different, it’s difficult to say exactly what your total startup cost will be. Your ABC Imaging store can be as small as 50 square feet or as large as 1,400 square feet, which obviously has an effect on your startup cost.

Additionally, the city or state in which you open your store can have location-specific requirements for you to open a business, which may cost additional money. These are just some of the things that can influence the cost of opening your ABC Imaging franchise.

One expense that you can count on to be set is our franchise fee of $25,000, which you then add to the other costs of licensing, rent, etc. Our franchise owners usually see an investment of $192,900 to $352,650 to open their ABC Imaging stores. But again, your costs could vary.

As you can see, that is quite a range to work with, which is why we require that our franchisees demonstrate financial stability with $100,000+ in liquid assets and a total net worth of $250,000+.

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What Experience Do I Need to Open a Franchise?

The most important qualities we look for in an ABC Imaging franchise owner are a friendly attitude and outgoing personality. These two qualities can take you a long way as a business owner, manager, and customer service expert, even without experience in the print industry.

Print experience is a bonus, though not necessary. Of course, business experience will certainly help you operate successfully, but it is not a requirement. The passion to work hard and be friendly to both customers and employees are more important as an ABC Imaging franchise owner.

How Do I Find a Retail Location?

Real estate can be one of the most important aspects of your business; as such, it is your responsibility to decide the optimal location for your ABC Imaging shop. We employ a real estate team who can help you identify sites and negotiate leases if you request that assistance.

How Much Money Can I Make?

There are regulations on the franchising industry that make it difficult for us to make concrete claims about earning potential. But the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) has average store sales figures. We do publish an earnings claim in our FDD, although we cannot promise exact numbers or disclose specifics about what you will earn. Profit is dependent on so many personal choices, like inventory control and labor costs. 

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What Does a Day in the Life of a Franchisee Look Like?

We don’t want to sugar-coat it for you: opening and operating an ABC Imaging franchise is a lot of hard work. As a manager and owner, you will spend a lot of time there in the store working to further your business.

Our franchise owners spend hours and hours each week working on their businesses, but there is a silver lining. Working in your own business and furthering your own goals is the most fulfilling work there is, so even though you will be working late and sometimes stretching to make things work, you will be working on your own business, not someone else’s.

As an ABC Imaging franchise owner, this satisfaction in your product makes all the difference. But don’t take our word for it! Get in touch with one of our hundreds of franchise owners and see what they say about owning their own businesses.

One of the biggest perks of opening a franchise as opposed to starting your own business from scratch is the training and support from an established corporate network.

PARENT COMPANY NAME, the parent company of ABC Imaging, offers industry-leading training to all our franchise owners. After you sign the franchise agreement, you will attend training at TRAINING CENTER NAME in Alexandria, where you will learn everything you need to operate your business.

At TRAINING CENTER NAME, you will receive back-office training and learn how to run your business, keep financial records, and manage HR. You will leave TRAINING CENTER NAME with a conceptual understanding of operating your business.

Your training does not end at TRAINING CENTER NAME. When you open your print shop, our corporate personnel will be there to assist with the opening and to offer additional in-shop training. This in-shop training is key to helping our franchise owners learn how to run and manage their shops once they are open.

Additionally, you will build a relationship with our corporate personnel who can help you in the future with questions or concerns that arise as time goes on. Our field consultants can also assist you when it’s time for you to grow your print business.

Apart from training, ABC offers our franchise owners ongoing support from the moment they sign the franchise agreement and throughout the life of the business. One of the biggest perks of opening a franchise is that you are investing in a proven business concept and a huge network of experienced individuals who have streamlined the franchise process.

As a franchise owner, you will receive help from our corporate personnel with everything from real estate identification to lease negotiations to location build-out. ABC Imaging has experts in these fields so that you will not be left to do them on your own.

Why ABC Imaging?

A Proven Business Model

With more than 35 years of experience, ABC Imaging is a well-oiled machine that can help you hit the ground running.

Name Recognition

ABC Imaging has been “impressing every client, every time” for nearly four decades. By joining us, you will benefit from that accrued trust and loyalty rather than starting from scratch.

Minimized Risk

As an established company, we have proven practices, a strong model, and a well-known brand. These factors make profitability margins much higher for you than an average imaging business starting from the ground up.


ABC Imaging offers industry-leading training to all our franchise owners. We will assist you through every step of the process, including: office training and how to run and manage all aspects of your business; visits to current successful locations; corporate assistance in setting up your shop; lease negotiations and location build-out. We’re here for you throughout every aspect of your business as an ABC Imaging franchisee.

Royalty Cap

We offer a limited royalty structure to help our franchisees maximize their income.

Marketing Support

As a part of the ABC Imaging family, you will benefit from our global marketing campaigns.

Established Operating Systems

ABC’s operations have been continuously refined since 1982 to meet the needs of businesses in every industry, driving profitability and minimizing waste.

Every Business is a Potential Customer

Virtually every business needs our services in some way. We offer support to marketing and advertising departments in terms of brochures, flyers, vehicle and building wraps, billboards, and more; we offer reprographic services and digital blueprint services to our architectural and construction-related clients; our offset department can provide business cards, stationery, menus, pamphlets and more; our 3D department can print models, prototypes, and samples for all manner of businesses; and the list goes on. A steady stream of business is all but guaranteed.

Business to Business

Since the majority of clients are businesses and organizations in and around your community, you get the peace of mind of dealing with other like-minded professionals while also achieving the satisfaction of helping them grow their businesses.

Why Convert your Business?

If you are a printing business owner eager for a proven way to develop and grow your company,
ABC Imaging has the experience, resources, and support you need. You can convert your store into an
ABC Imaging location for as low as $18,000 in franchise fees and instantly begin benefiting from the many luxuries provided through a relationship with a large, global company. With our support, you will be able to make your processes more cost-effective and much simpler.

Why Convert Your Independent Printing Business to an ABC Imaging Location?

• Reduce Your Operating Costs: Special negotiated rates on the latest printing and digital technology as well as other business services.

• Increase the Value of Your Business: ABC Imaging is an internationally recognized name with proven marketing strategies and a support staff second to none.

• Strong Mass Purchasing Power: Discounts on virtually all items used every day in our business.

• Easy to Use Enterprise Explorer Software: Our easy to use proprietary bookkeeping software makes managing the daily operations of your printing business easier and more efficient.

• Continued Research & Development of Products & Services: Our ongoing local and corporate support are constantly working on your behalf to make sure you are up to date on the latest printing technology, trends, and products and services. We do the research for you so you can focus on building your business.

• An Exit Strategy For You and Your Family: Whenever you are ready and whether you want to retire or turn your business over to your children, we are there to help you achieve your goals.

Training & Support

The training we provide to our franchisees is second to none. Once you sign the franchise agreement, you will attend training at ABC Imaging headquarters and some of our active shops where you will learn everything you need to know to operate your business. That education will consist of training in the following areas:

• Administrative and Financial – You will receive instruction on how to manage your shop’s finances and human resource needs.

• Technology – You will be trained to use our proprietary software Enterprise Explorer (EE) which is used for all bookkeeping.

• Technical – You will learn how to operate each piece of machinery that will be present in your store.

• Observation – You will have two weeks to observe what goes on at an operating shop to get a feel for the workflow that occurs on a daily basis so you have an idea of what to expect when you open your own store.

The learning process doesn’t end there. As part of our commitment to the success of all our franchisees, we offer continuing corporate support from location selection all the way through the entirety of your relationship with ABC Imaging. Some examples of that support include:

Real Estate Identification – We will assist you in finding the perfect spot for your franchise.

• Lease Negotiations – We will be there to make sure the deal on your location is as favorable as possible.

• Shop Build Out – We will be there to get the right equipment installed and make sure the retail experience is ABC perfect.

• Shop Opening – We will set up a grand opening with marketing support to ensure that you hit the ground running as soon as the doors open to your ABC Imaging shop.

• Continuing Corporate Support – We’ll support you from the moment you sign the franchise agreement through the life of that agreement; so even after your shop is up and running, ABC is always there for you.


Become a Franchisee

• Located in busy areas for maximum profitability

• Modern look and feel that’s just right for business

• 5,000 to 15,000 square feet


• Entrepreneurial
• Management experience
• Driven and hard-working
• At least $18K available in cash

Who We Are

What does it mean to be a part of ABC imaging?

“Impress Every Client, Every Time” – Our motto and mission. All our locations work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet every one of their expectations. In fact, a large part of the reputation and success we enjoy today is due to the extraordinarily diligent and exacting standards by which we handle each and every job and client request from the start. That “no issue is too small” mindset continues to echo throughout our company to this day, and is a chief reason many of our clients come back for repeat business with us.

What does this mean for you?

Our clients have come to expect exemplary service; so as an ABC franchisee, a significant part of your mindset should be dedicated to ensuring that your clients are not only satisfied, but blown away by our products and services.

If you have both an entrepreneurial mindset as well as a drive to produce extraordinary work, ABC Imaging may be the perfect franchise opportunity for you.

Our History

In 1982, Medi Falsafi created American Blueprinting Company, to provide premium quality reprographic services to architects, engineers, an contractors. With a background in architecture and an MBA from Harvard Business School, he purchased printing equipment and set up shop. Medi’s architectural knowledge made it easy for him to understand how to provide print solutions to the building design and construction industries. He grew what was to be a temporary venture into a multimillion-dollar business. Today, American Blueprinting Company is known as ABC Imaging.

Our goal is to be the “one-stop-shop” to our clients for any visual print solution by bundling services and products together. Only ABC Imaging has the depth of experience and technical capability to service any size client. Each franchisee has access to our centers of excellence that are strategically placed throughout the country and around the world, making our franchisees formidable competitors regionally, nationally and even globally.

Our products fulfill traditional and newly burgeoning needs for the business community. Our experience and wide variety of products allow our franchisees to rapidly create mindshare in their communities and showcase unique solutions to meet the needs of their specific market. Our broad base of resources allows them to develop highly adaptable visual marketing solutions to meet all their clients’ needs.

Our Three-legged revenue stream is a model of success for our existing stores as well as new franchisees. Most other franchises specialize in a single area: either quick print services, banners and signs, or shipping and mailboxes. At ABC Imaging, we consolidate all those elements to provide three distinct but inter-related revenue streams that distribute costs while simultaneously increasing revenue. This three-pronged approach creates a trio that works extremely well in concert, improving logistics for both clients and ABC Imaging. Ultimately, you’re left with a comprehensive set of services capable of catering to every type of client, from the large corporation to the local apartment dweller shipping a sweater overseas.

Listing Details

Liquid Capital: $100,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: No
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