Pizza Franchise Growth, Choosing the right Brand

Deciding what franchise brand you want to be a part of is a huge part of the decision making process and requires a significant amount of thought. There are many options, types of companies to work with, training processes and more to consider when evaluating a franchise model. There’s also the cost of becoming an owner and what niche you want to work in all has to be well thought out and explored before making the move to invest in a particular franchise brand.

One popular franchise option is the pizza restaurant business. There are many new restaurants popping up each day, so how do you make yours stand out above the rest? That’s easy! You find a great franchise to work with that will offer a unique service, great product, and a brand that stands out from all the rest. One of those great franchises is the East of Chicago Pizza opportunity.

Why pizza?
Take a look around you and you’ll find someone who is always ordering pizza for parties, events or just grabbing it on the way home for dinner. Pizza is a staple in many households and people want a unique and delicious pizza. They want something that tastes great, brings them back again and is different from the larger fast-food chain restaurants. That’s what you get with East of Chicago Pizza. The East of Chicago brand offers a thirty-year track record, a product line that will always impress and a long track record of franchise validation. With over 80 locations already set up, it’s a sure bet that pizza is a popular dining out option for people of all ages.

Why East of Chicago Pizza?
This company has been in business for over 25-years and has a model in place to help you ensure the success of your franchise location. In 2013 you can see that the franchises showed growth consecutively for over 48 months. That tells you that the brand is known and it is one that is a household name in the areas of the franchise locations. The products themselves are delicious and unique because it is philosophy of fresh ingredients, unbeatable service and a dedication to their customers every day. You can offer your community great service, delicious food and yourself the chance to become a successful entrepreneur with the support, infrastructure and brand needed to help your franchise launch successfully.

Growth of the Company
You can let the past results speak for themselves or you can talk with the franchise team yourself to see what opportunities for growth this location has in store. The company has plans to reach 150 unit locations in the next five years. They offer a great business model, training opportunities and support for their franchise owners to make it simple to become a success in this franchise option. The markets are open for both rural areas and for urban cities alike. The growth potential is huge and is something that should definitely be considered when you’re in the market for your franchise opportunity. The company also offers options such as delivery-carryout only location or you could set up a dine-in option as well.

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