What Makes the SportsXpress Franchise So Appealing?

What Makes the SportsXpress Franchise So Appealing?

SportsXpress is an innovative franchise opportunity that has significant financial opportunity associated with the model, but what is possibly even more intriguing about the model is the lifestyle and value to the community of the sports media franchise offering. The concept is a multi-media publication that focuses on the local community sports scene. Community sports are a popular activity for families and individuals of all ages and today more than ever are embedded in the lives of every person in every community across America. From young children to senior citizens, people are interested in their local sporting events and teams, whether it’s hockey, football, basketball, baseball or others, people are amazingly tied to their local teams and want to know and see more about them in the media. 

At SportsXpress, it was recognized what an untapped market organized community sports was and the company chose to create a publication that recognizes athletes, coaches, and the families that support them as well as keeps the community updated on the organized sports and teams in their community. The leadership team chose to tap into the business-side of community sports and it has proven to be beneficial and well received that the franchise concept was launched.  It was also clear, that the model needed the dedication of an owner operator and someone who not only enjoys sports, but is part of that community and involved with the sports teams and associations.

To have a SportsXpress franchise, one does not need to be a journalist, publisher, or a designer. The SportsXpress team will take care of the writing and development of content for franchisees. All a franchisee needs to begin a franchise with SportsXpress is the willingness to learn and foster relationships within a community. SportsXpress will provide a franchisee with all of the support and guidance needed when it comes to the editing, designing, and media that is involved with a successful sports publication.

Sports Franchise Support and Management

When someone invests in a franchise with SportsXpress, the management team offers coaching and support from a professional team of designers, editors, and business development experts in order for a franchisee to be successful in building a market up efficiently in a given area.  As a franchise owner, the franchisor provides a wide range of value through services to new franchisees with the following areas of support: design, invoicing, training, administration tasks, management of content, editing, accounting, printing, CRM, and much more. 

Types of Franchise Opportunities

The SportsXpress franchise offers a variety of franchise opportunities with the brand. If a franchisee chooses to be a single unit owner, the territory will be defined as a zone with a combined population of up to 150,000 people and requires an investment of $15,000. A multi-unit franchise is also offered and can be a great opportunity for an individual who wants to build a team and operate anywhere from 3-5 zones of SportsXpress franchises and a master franchise developer is for someone who is interested in selling franchises throughout their state or multiple states.

 Qualifications for Becoming a SportsXpress Franchisee

Qualified candidates for the SportXpress franchise model simply need the desire for working with individuals of all ages, enjoy community sports and activities, have leadership and coaching skills, and some sales management experience or ability to train and lead a sales team.  This is a business that is uniquely positioned in the franchise market in that it offers an amazing lifestyle benefit and for the right person who enjoys sports and being part of the community, the concept couldn’t be any better.  For more information on the SportsXpress franchise model, visit the franchise page here:  https://franchiseconduit.com/franchise/sportsxpress-franchise/