(FS9) Making Changes to Your Franchising Systems

While you are purchasing a complete system from a franchisor, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for change or ideas. In fact, any good franchisor will encourage franchisees to come up with ideas that the franchises can benefit from.


Changes Are Normal in Franchising

It’s important to know that when the franchisor does try to change things in the already established system, it can be harder for long time franchisees to adjust than for newer franchisees. People hate change. With that said, the longer they’ve been working one way, the less willing they will be to change the way they’ve been doing things—especially if they came up with the current method. The human’s natural fear or rejection of change comes into play just as much as ego in the way of, I’m doing good, why do I need to change? I don’t need to change. If you’re one of those people that has a hard time with change, it’s okay. All changes that your franchisor will want to make have been tested through focus groups and local shops before the try to move the change in a national way. The only time an untested change will be spread through franchises is if you’re working with an amateur franchisor.


Making the Change in Your Location

funding for franchiseIf you’re interested in making a change, keep in mind that it’s a lot easier for your chance to be accepted if it improves the system already in place, is cost effective, fortifies the brand, doesn’t infringe on the system’s goal or uniformity, and/or enhances the franchisees profitability. If a franchisor ends up taking your idea seriously, it will be tested in singular stores, with product testing groups, and in other scenarios prior to being spread to all franchises out there.


Offering Your Ideas to Your Franchisor

If you think you have a great idea that you’d like to share, let the franchisor, or whoever your main faucet of communication is, know. Be just as prepared for rejection as you are for acceptance, if not more so. Since so much time, money, and other resources go into testing an idea, a franchisor will only take it seriously if it works with the brand without infringing on what they already have and while your idea might be amazing, there might be no room for it in this franchise. If, by chance, the franchisor does use your idea, know that you’ve given it to them for free as most franchisors will consider it their property and use it at will without giving the franchisee any compensation.


Be careful trusting franchisors who jump on any and every suggestion that comes their way, especially if it disrupts the product or brand quality or standard


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