How to Franchise Qatar: Dr Thomas Medical Centre

Franchise Marketing Systems has recently launched a development campaign for Dr. Thomas’ medical clinics based in Doha, Qatar. FMS has been involved in several projects throughout the Middle East focusing growth on the MENA and GCC regions. The Qatar franchise market presents an interesting opportunity for growth and stable market potential. Although Qatar is a small market geographically (only 11,500 square km and has a total population of 2 million). Despite its smaller size, the economy has expanded exponentially (over 6% per year), the country is consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest per capita in the world, making it a viable target for franchise expansion. Qatar is also respected within the GCC as being one of the leading markets for business and franchising making it a good launching point for brands to develop as a franchise into the rest of the region.

Dr. Thomas and His Team

For over 34 years Dr. Thomas has been providing amazing service to his patients in the ENT field and has built up a reputation as being a credible and trustworthy resource in the medical field throughout Qatar and the GCC region. By franchising the business model, the Dr. Thomas Medical Centre brand will be able to expand and the same great service to the patients in Qatar as he opens a new franchise of his business there. The medical community has been a great market segment of franchising for growth, especially in the GCC and MENA regions in the Middle East.

Dr. Thomas prides himself on being patient friendly and spending an adequate amount of time with his clients. Dr. Thomas also has a unique business model and over the years has been able to make the investment in the systems, structure and technology needed to be able to replicate and help other ENT or medical communities expand their reach using the Dr. Thomas system.

What the Franchise Includes

There are a lot of aspects to building a successful medical practice and Dr. Thomas offers a variety of services and value add to those who choose to work with the franchise model. Franchisees of Dr Thomas would receive support in billing, administrative, recruitment, marketing and operations so that franchisees can an office set up as efficiently as possible. Franchisees will receive hands-on training and support from the corporate office based in Doha, Qatar allowing for effective growth throughout the Middle East so that you can make sure everything runs smoothly from the day you open the doors.

A customized EMR system is also available with the franchise including support and technical oversight related to the operation of the business and management of the technical side of the practice management, scheduling tools, training and operational systems are all part of the Dr. Thomas franchise opportunity.

The opportunity for growth in the Middle East is significant and Qatar is a bright spot in the region for growth along with Dubai, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

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