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Blind Sales and Blind Repair: A Business Model that Makes Sense.

Blooming blind franchise

Window dressings can make a home or office more comfortable and relaxing. When you want to spruce up the living room or give a splash of color to your office, window dressings can do just that. Recently the blind installation business has been booming with great growth and there’s an opportunity waiting just for you to be a part of that growth.  Many business owners or entrepreneurs may never have considered the blind repair or blind sales industry as a viable business, but it doesn’t take long to realize how great of an industry this segment can be.  Franchising your own blind installation company can make a great business opportunity for you to be a part of this ever growing industry.

People always need new blinds whether they are in an office setting or in their own home. Offering them a great service and product is one way to take part in this need and help your clients, and yourself. Take a look at how Bloomin Blinds (  has become a leader in this aspect and how you can become a part of their family owned and operated franchise today. If you’re on the hunt for a great new franchise opportunity, here’s your chance to take part.  The exciting element of this growing industry in blind sales and blind repair services is that the market has shown consistent growth in both residential and commercial work providing for a diverse and expansive franchise opportunity.


When it comes to society today, convenience is key. People want to be able to still do their own things and have life their way while still taking care of the necessary items. Blind installation is one of those things that can not only give the room a new look, it offers a sense of protection for keeping prying eyes out. Bloomin Blinds franchise makes it easy for you to give your clients what they need. They can have great new blinds in their home or office without having to do them on their own or without having to leave their location. This company offers a model of convenience for each and every client they work with, whether it’s residential or commercial. They can provide them with the services they need, when they need them.

Always Professional and Accountable

Clients want to work with someone who is professional and knows their company and product. When you work with this franchise, you’ll be able to do just that. Trained by the best, you’re going to know your products and how to be professional at each and every call. They work hard to make sure you have the necessary tools at your disposal to make sure every client is pleased when the job is completed. Learning how to handle tough situations is part of the job and Bloomin Blinds makes sure you’re prepared no matter what comes your way.  A competitive advantage that Bloomin Blinds offers is a focus on both the sales and repair side of the business providing the customer with a full suite of services and a very diversified franchise model from a financial standpoint.

More than Installation

This franchise opportunity means you’ll do more than just install new blinds. This company also offers repair services for current blinds in a commercial or residential location. Life happens and sometimes it happens to your client’s blinds, the organization is always there to provide great service and great product lines. By working with a professional company as this one, you’ll learn the best way to repair blinds so that your client is pleased with the work completed.

If you’re looking for an amazing opportunity to join a family owned and operated franchise, this is your chance. Give our office a call today or stop by the website for more details.

April 26, 2016