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Low Investment, High Margin Businesses Make Great Franchises
  • Top-business-ides-with-low-investment

    Low Investment, High Margin Businesses Make Great Franchises

      As Published in Franchising USA Magazine:   Low Investment, High Margin Businesses Make Great Franchises In interviewing a potential franchise buyer for a home staging franchise we work with, the question arose from the buyer, how can you tell me that buying “air” for a $40,000 franchise fee makes sense?  The home staging […]

  • moravia home care

    Moravia Health Home Care Service

        Moravia Health Home Care Service Moravia Health provides care and health services at home to empower the elderly and the disabled live independently and with dignity. The organization has certified home health aides, caregivers, and medical social workers who can provide a wide range of services based on the patient’s needs. The process […]

  • Leaving Corporate America for Franchising

    Leaving corporate America can be quite a frightening idea. If you’re secure in your job but you’re wanting more, you may be considering leaving the everyday rat race to find a new and exciting opportunity. Perhaps you’ve even considered buying your own franchise or starting up a business of your own but you’re not experienced […]

  • It’s time for a franchise model that completely redefines the market place. One that offers a business model no one has done with such success and market potential. Our mission at The Tuckaway is to create an enjoyable and memorable experience and connect with people through our creative, quality-focused tavern and butchery food and our family style hospitality.

    Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery is the perfect combination of a modern butcher shop and a New England style tavern both focused around fresh, quality, flavorful meats that are prepared in house. The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery is the only establishment in New England that publicly displays their entire menu of fresh ingredients for everyone to see. Once guests see our amazing products in the Butchery, they often crave to have these dishes prepared for you next door in the Tavern.

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    The Butchery opened in March 2012 as a meat market specialty shop highlighting top-quality beef and homemade marinades, but quickly expanded to include much more. Today the Butchery features a wide variety of in-house crafted specialty foods, a vast array of locally crafted beers, plenty of wine, and a complete organic section featuring nuts, granola, fruit bars, chips, desserts, and more.
    The Tavern opened a few months after the Butchery focusing on high quality and great customer service. With Chef Bobby Marcotte at the helm, the Tavern is the ideal stage to showcase the Butchery products. Featuring top-quality, fresh ingredients, Chef Marcotte has designed a menu that takes a creative spin on the foods you know while transporting them to the next level. Combining playful names and the best ingredients, we strive for the food at the Tavern to make every dining experience a memorable one.

    When you join the Tuckaway team as a franchise owner, you will receive outstanding support in a number of different exciting areas:
    · Site Development
    · Marketing & Customer Development
    · Training & Operational Support
    · Purchasing Support
    · Ongoing Product Development

    · Training at The Tuckaway HQ in New Hampshire beginning approximately 6-8 weeks before the franchise is scheduled to open for business
    · 2 weeks of training at your location to get your business started
    · 2 sessions per year, which can be up to 2 days of refresher/update training or meetings in each session
    · Ongoing support and guidance in building and operating your business
    Qualifications recommended for potential franchise owners:
    · Strong Sales and Client Service Abilities
    · Good with Timing and Schedule Management
    · High Personal Standards
    · Able to Meet Initial Investment Requirements
    · Strong Sense of Integrity in Corporate and Client Relationships
    · A Willingness and Commitment to Excellent Service
    · A Good-Humored, Open-Minded, Hardworking and Patient Individual
    · Dedication to Building a Strong Community Support System Through Community Outreach and Charitable Donations
    Targeted experiences for potential franchise owners may include:
    · Strong Team of General Manager and Owner Operator Who are Able to Multi-Task and Facilitate the Symbiotic Relationship Between the Butchery and theTavern (Reduce Waste, Enable Simultaneous Production, Creativity, and Profit Between the Two)
    · Franchise Operations or Hospitality Service Industry
    · Experience Business Owner and/or Managerial Experience
    · Love for High-Quality, Fresh Food

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    Mobile Break Repair: The Future of Automotive Services

    When it comes to the safety of your vehicle and family, your brakes are a key part of that safety and people know they need to take care of them. You want to know that your family is protected should something run out in front of you, a car pulls out in front of you, […]

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    Blind Sales and Blind Repair: A Business Model that Makes Sense.

    Window dressings can make a home or office more comfortable and relaxing. When you want to spruce up the living room or give a splash of color to your office, window dressings can do just that. Recently the blind installation business has been booming with great growth and there’s an opportunity waiting just for you […]

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    (FS3) Is Franchisee the Title For You?

    While all the books, blogs, and articles in the world can tell you what to expect, what business franchisors will give you as a business franchisee, only you will be able to make the decision for yourself. It’s a personal decision based on personal questions and self-evaluation. While you might face obstacles based on your […]

  • (FS3) Being Realistic About Franchising is Key

    There are a lot of myths about franchising and business ownership. You should always assess what is fact and what is fiction when you approach any situation. That includes the statement, “You are your own boss”. While it’s true that business franchisees run their own store, you are still subject to the franchisor. You will […]

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    (FS2) Franchise Series 2 – The Many Franchise Options

    Every year there are more franchise opportunities that you can take advantage of. The only thing that really limits franchisors is their imagination and the skill-set that they have. Franchises can cover more than just food. In fact there are more than 120 different business categories that offer franchises, including car washes, hair salons, dog […]

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    (FS1) Franchise Series 1 – What is Franchising?

    Franchising drives what we will call the entrepreneurial plane, taking businesses to a higher level, faster than ever. You will have a hard time driving down any city street, even in small towns, without passing at least one franchise. Franchising is so massive, that it is a part of just about any business line in […]