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BookATailor: A Custom Fit Franchise Made for Success
  • bookatailorfranchise

    BookATailor: A Custom Fit Franchise Made for Success

    Jacomo Hakim, self-made millionaire and CEO of Bookatailor, made the best statement about the company in Fox’s The Today Show. He stated that they want to make America look great again. The start-up company is run by family members and caters to the masses with its custom made bespoke suits for men and women. Bookatailor […]

  • Pizza Franchise

    Pizza Franchise Growth, Choosing the right Brand

    Deciding what franchise brand you want to be a part of is a huge part of the decision making process and requires a significant amount of thought. There are many options, types of companies to work with, training processes and more to consider when evaluating a franchise model. There’s also the cost of becoming an […]

  • trampoline franchise

    Trampoline Park Franchise Growth

    When you’re looking at franchise options, you’ll find there is a lot of choices of industry segments out there to work with. For alternative franchise investors, looking for concepts that get away from the traditional hot dog or chicken restaurant franchise, the trampoline industry segment has drawn a lot of attention lately. Why is the […]

  • mcdonalds franchise

    Mcdonald’s Franchise: Franchising the Dream

    When it comes to becoming part of a franchise, you want to be part of one that will work well with your goals, understand your vision for success within the franchise network and will allow you to grow as a franchisee.  Effective franchise investors look for brands. What is that one particular franchise that works […]

  • Franchise opportunities

    Amazing Franchise Opportunities Most People Don’t Know About

    We all have had the question before, what is the next big idea?  Where can we find the next big franchise business to get in on early so we have the best opportunity for an amazing investment.  Think if you could have met Ray when McDonald’s first showed up and the concept had never been […]

  • Life Line Franchise

    Technology Repair Industry Growth = Accelerated Franchise Expansion

      LifeLine Repairs Expands to 35 Units in 2 Years   February 8, 2016   Atlanta, GA – With the explosive growth of mobile technology has come the ever-increasing need to fix it.  LifeLine Repairs has stepped up to the challenge with 35 new stores since 2014 and is continuing its push Westward with stores […]

  • Star Nursing, Inc. is a premier healthcare staffing agency in California. Our mission is to provide excellence by ensuring delivery of the most experienced and competent health care professionals to our clients facilities.

    Our commitment is to provide our clients the very best in customer service and we have consistently offered highly proficient healthcare professionals to medical facilities throughout the United States and Canada for over a decade. We currently possess statewide contracts, national contracts/regional contracts and local contracts. From the quality and quantity of our nurses, the relationships we have developed, and our outstanding customer services, to having a powerhouse office staff with medical/nursing backgrounds we set ourselves apart from other staffing agencies.


    What do you/your business do?
    Star Nursing, Inc. is a premier health care staffing agency with headquarters located in Northern California. Our mission is to provide excellence by ensuring delivery of the most experience and competent health care professionals to our client’s facilities. Our commitment is to provide our clients the very best in customer service.

    Star Nursing has consistently offered highly proficient healthcare professionals to medical facilities throughout the United States and Canada since 2001. We currently possess statewide contracts, national contracts/ regional contracts and local contracts. From the quality and quantity of our healthcare professionals, the relationships we have developed, and our outstanding customer services, to having a powerhouse office staff with medical/nursing backgrounds we set ourselves apart from other health care staffing agencies


    How did your business get started? How long have you been in the industry?
    Star Nursing has been providing health care staffing nation-wide since 2001. With a combine experience of 50+ years, we know the health care staffing industry….we live and breath it! Our goal is to bring together medical health organizations with the highest caliber of professionals/paraprofessionals while providing unsurpassed customer service. As a full-service supplemental health care staffing company we have earned a reputation for our dedication to customer service and for the quality of our healthcare candidates.

    Industry Statement

    What is the market like in your industry? Why should someone own one of your franchises?
    This industry has changed a great deal over the past five years. With technology, cloud-based systems that allow for people to be disbursed across larger areas and more businesses starting and being managed from home than ever before, the outsourced staffing services field has expanded and the possibilities have grown exponentially. With this growth, the demand for staffing service companies that are capable and credible has also grown.

    As a Star Nursing franchisee, you will be able to become an instant provider with hundreds of national, regional, state-wide and local accounts, generating income immediately with high profit margins. With the health care staffing industry exploding, we cannot keep up with the hundreds of job orders we receive daily… we need your help!

    Why Franchises?

    Strength – Security – Opportunity!

    Demand for Health Care Professionals is ON THE RISE! A billion dollar industry with no end to the phenomenal growth

    Growth Drivers

    Thanks to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of Medicaid, this has created a higher volume of patients. This ultimate effect of increased health coverage allows a leeway to increase staffing levels
    More people are obtaining insurance and seek healthcare, as a result Star Nursing’s request for health care professionals has increased dramatically!
    An increased staffing level has resulted in increased demands of filling open job orders often at the drop of a hat!
    An increasing number of seniors/baby boomers have stimulated the demand for healthcare requiring additional medical care.
    Many baby boomers will be retiring from the healthcare field; this will contribute to increase in staffing needs.
    Several states have begun to mandate nurse-to-patient ratios, forcing an increase in nursing positions.
    The baby boomers have become the new HOT market and rapid growth area for the ambitious entrepreneur.
    Local/Regional/State-Wide/National Accounts waiting for our Star Nursing Partners
    We have 1000’s of open job orders to ?ll! We need your Help!
    Begin staffing and growing you’re Health Care Staffing Business -Immediately!
    Franchising Support

    What kind of support do you provide for someone that decides to open a franchise?
    Star Nursing is there for you every step of the way. We want to ensure your success and will help you set up and get started, teach you all processes and procedures and be there for any questions thereafter. We are in the customer service industry and will make sure you are well taken care of!

    Territories and Fees

    You can open a new business, or you can convert your current business to be under the Star Nursing™ umbrella. You will be given an exclusive territory to develop your new franchise. We are looking to expand into new areas soon!

    Qualifications and Recommendations

    What qualities/experience do you recommend a potential franchisor possess?
    A successful franchisee should be a people person that enjoys working with professionals. While not required, a background in healthcare, human resources, medical sales/marketing or staffing/employment is a plus.

    Are you a health care professional or a business entrepreneur who wants to enter the Health Care Staffing business? Do you want to start a new business, be your own boss or simply want to increase your income? Or are you a Medical/Nursing/Health Care Staffing agency owner that wants a solution to build a multi-million dollar empire under the Star Nursing umbrella? Interested? Request more information please complete the contact form.

  • With the increase in obesity in the United States, there is a focus on getting children out and active. We have seen this message everywhere from the White House to NFL doctors and everywhere in between. Launch provides one great solution to this problem: a place where movement becomes more than exercise, it becomes fun! Launch Trampoline Parks are the ideal opportunity for kids to let loose and “fly” while also providing a great environment for families to spend time together.

    Go for the fun. Go for the exercise. Go for the family time. Launch is a service-based, high-margin business model that provides all of these things at the same time. Launch has also developed a series of marketing programs to help drive revenue and controls for managing labor that help you optimize your business opportunity.

    Why Own a Launch Trampoline Park Franchise?

    Launch Trampoline Parks are part of one of the fastest-growing amusement trends. Our indoor trampoline centers allows our customers to bounce off the walls and burn some energy while enjoying time with friends and family at our year-round destination entertainment center. This makes Launch the perfect social gathering place for date night, a birthday party, a family event, a corporate event, a church outing, a fundraiser or just a friendly get-together.

    With low operating costs, operations that can be managed remotely and the opportunity for great returns, Launch provides a business opportunity unlike any other. We look forward to sharing more with you about our exciting opportunity.

    Our franchise opportunity provides:

    Successful absentee owner mode
    Taking part in the explosive growth trampoline park industry
    Top notch safety procedures and documentation systems
    High average unit volumes
    Great birthday party and event business opportunities
    Low operating costs, service based business
    World class support team
    Site selection and pre-opening support system
    Marketing and social media support team
    Extensive operational training and support
    Is there training? Do you provide support? Launch Trampoline Park provides an extensive training and support program to help you every step of the way. From the time you sign your franchise agreement, our support staff begins working with you to select your site and get your location opened. Our online collaboration system takes you step by step through every phase of opening your Launch Trampoline Park.

    It all starts with at least two weeks of training at our corporate locations for you, your general manager and one other person. This initial training occurs approximately 45 days prior to your opening and teaches your key management staff what they need to run your Launch Trampoline Park.

    When you open your trampoline park we also provide two trainers to assist you at your location for the first week. Training continues after your opening with your personal Franchise Business Advisor who works with you step by step on an ongoing basis.


    Do I need to have any prior experience in the franchise industry to own a Launch Trampoline Park? You don’t need any prior experience in owning your own business or operating a franchise business. We understand that the majority of new franchise owners do not have prior trampoline park experience, and the LAUNCH team will provide a thorough training program. In addition, we will be with you in your center when you open the doors.

    Will you assist me with establishing my facility build out and setting up the trampolines?Yes. Our plan is to begin working with you on locating and signing a lease for a space that will provide you with the opportunity for success. We will then begin working with you, your construction team and the trampoline manufacturer to ensure that we maximize the space that you have leased.

    How long will it take me to open my trampoline park once I have signed a franchise agreement? Your first location will generally open within 6 – 9 months of signing your agreement. If your location has already been identified, the time to open can be reduced considerably.


    How much money can I make? The Federal Trade Commission regulates what Launch Trampoline Park is allowed to disclose to potential franchisees. As you proceed through the process of purchasing your Launch Trampoline Park, you will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that details more about the business opportunity and your expected startup expenses as well as some financial information related to our franchise. Launch Trampoline Park also includes an Earnings Claim in the FDD that will provide you with revenue history from our affiliate location.

    How much will I need to invest? The estimated initial investments to establish a Launch Trampoline Park franchise is from $887,033 – $1,438,000. This includes a franchise fee of $50,000 as well as your first three month’s rent, security deposits, trampoline design, manufacture and install, cafe furnishings and equipment, location build out, inventory, point of sale system, signage, grand opening marketing, celebrity endorsement fees, blueprints, permits and working capital to open your business.

    Do you offer financing? Launch Trampoline Park does not offer any direct financing but we can recommend some third party financing options for you. If you have a retirement fund we can also recommend some great programs that allow you to borrow against your retirement fund without paying penalties or taxes.

    What do I need to own a Launch Trampoline Park franchise?

    Working capital
    Solid business and sales experience preferred
    Knowledge of the trade area where the park will be located
    Passion for service

  • About Us

    The Benefit Corner offers you and your customers a
    multitude of insurance products & services from the
    best in the industry.
    By unifying our efforts under a common brand, we
    have the ability to access more carrier benefits and
    get better compensation packages. Our carrier
    portfolio is only comprised of “A” rated companies
    and the most highly rated companies in your area.

    The Opportunity

    The Benefit Corner is a turn-key opportunity
    for entrepreneur’s that offers a proven agency
    business model in the insurance business.
    • Carrier Contracting and Appointments
    • Marketing Material and Incentive items {including an initial marketing kit to get your store up and running}
    • Training for your agency and contracted agents
    • Custom technology { TBC Exchange, CRM, proposal tool and reporting functions

    Ideal Candidate

    An Ideal Candidate will understand how a variety of insurances work.
    Auto Insurance
    Home & Rental Insurance
    Voluntary Benefits
    Senior Markets

    Optional 4th Paragraph (

    Our On-line Store
    Access marketing material and incentive items
    through your TBC website. Here you can order
    business cards, TBC brochures and flyers, and a
    variety of additional marketing items. For your

  • About Us

    Lice Ladies helps families get rid of their head lice infestations and educate on how to help prevent re-infestation. Lice Ladies is seeking qualified people who want to join our Lice Ladies team and provide a service to safely and effectively treat clients for human head lice.

    The Opportunity
    Many communities still need professional and proven services like this. If you are interested in owning & growing your own Lice Ladies clinic/business, please fill out the form here for more information. We have a fully supportive and dedicated franchise team.

    Ideal Candidate
    -Be friendly, outgoing and want to help people

    -Not be scared of head lice

    -Be able to work with parents and kids – having skills to multi-task, have patience and a good sense of humor

    -Be committed to the Lice Ladies methods, practices, culture, operations and vision.

    -Be committed and excited to this unique career path

    -Willing to work hard. There can be long hours involved as well as Saturdays – this is not just a Monday-Friday business.

    -Have strong business skills- being able to multi-task, handle staff, math/financial skills must be strong, good leader

    -Health care and/or science background is a must
    Optional 4th Paragraph

    Lice Ladies was founded on science. With a Master of Science in Biology, the founding Lice Ladies owner has a proven model. Safety is the number one factor in treating people for human head lice. Like minded perspective business owners will be able to benefit from our science background and use our exclusive methods and all-natural, safe and effective products.

  • D.J.’s Clam Shack is now a franchise and is attracting all the right interested buyers. Entrepreneurs are investing in an exciting concept and a booming industry when owning their own D.J.’s Clam Shack franchise! The Key West, Florida location has a unique concept that has gained popularity with consumers and has been featured on the Food Network with Guy Fieri.

    D.J.’s Clam Shack will adapt well in the franchise market place and has the potential to expand rapidly. When training is established, the model is easy to replicate and a franchisee could begin making substantial profits within the first year. Since inception, the Clam Shack brand saw its ability to expand in the southern regions, then shifted its focus when it gained national recognition from reputable media outlets. D.J.’s Clam Shack has simple systems in place and an experienced team with decades of experience to grow your franchise to the same level of profitability.

    About D.J.’s Clam Shack Franchise

    Founded in 2009, The DJ’s Clam Shack franchise offers a simple, fast casual food service concept is designed to provide great food to each guest, in a fun, family-friendly environment. There is great flavor, aroma, and a truly unique experience for each guest in every restaurant. Each unit offers dine-in or carryout services for the entire menu. Locations will range in size from 800 to 2,500 square feet depending on the market.

    Our establishment is a dine and go, which offers little seating located outside. Most of ur customers come and order to go. Our menu is an assortment of fried seafood, unique tacos and our specialty lobster dishes.

    D.J.’s Clam Shack offers training programs & on-going support for all of our franchisees to help grow their business. We provide assistance weeks leading up until you’re ready to open your own location.

    We offer support in marketing, accounting, legal and even assist in day to day operational activities if needed. Our training programs are thorough and will give you all the tools necessary for running a successful franchise.


    Here are some of the things we’re looking for in an ideal candidate:
    Someone who is proficient management business
    Good people skills with customer service experience
    Supervisory and/or sales experience
    Well organized and willing to follow a proven system
    A desire to work hard and build a business to be proud of

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    Exploding Growth for Exciting and Unique Discount Retail Business

    Clubstore Outlet Opens 2nd Franchise in Florida   Margate, FL, Oct. 06, 2015 – Savvy shoppers in today’s economy now have a new option versus shopping in an ominous 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse club, with their membership cards checked at the door, to capitalize on purchasing discount quality, name-brand products. Why, you ask? Clubstore Outlet, […]

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    Introduction to Franchise Opportunities Resource

    Franchise Series 1- Franchising Introduction Franchising is essential to the business market as it helps to bolster growth and development of brands in most industries. While the concept comes from ancient China, this is something that has evolved tremendously over the years. It grew tremendously as something business professionals could maintain, starting in the Middle […]