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Azari Property Management is Expanding & Partnering with Brokers
  • Azari Property Management is Expanding & Partnering with Brokers

    San Francisco, CA– Lost residual revenue is no longer a problem for real-estate brokers and property owners In May 2010, The Azari Group Real Estate was incorporated after reaching company sales of $1million. Extending from that growth is Azari Property Management, a newly formed franchise company that provides services complementing real-estate businesses through proprietary systems […]

  • Harolds drive in

    Harold’s Drive In Franchise: An Ideal Investment

    It is not very common to grow up in an environment where children are taught how to invest. Unless you come from a wealthy family or from one in which one of the parents is involved in economics, finance or investment, you probably didn’t receive this kind of education at a young age. However, there […]

  • A Business Model with consistent, strong opportunity in a business that provides a product everyone wants.  Through integrity, good business practice and a strong operating model, the Sherri’s Franchise offers partners a working model with a low initial investment and enormous upside potential.

    Be In Business For Yourself, not By Yourself.  Join a winning team with over 20 years of experience and a business model that has proven systems in place.

    The History

    Sherri’s Fun Foods was founded in 1996 by Keith & Sherri Behney. While attending various festivals selling other food products, they noticed there were very few vendors selling good crab cakes, so after extensive research, product testing and the successful search for a suitable partner, they began selling crab cakes at various shows and festivals.

    In 1999, the Behney’s bought out their partners and made it a full-time venture. The word of Sherri’s Crab Cakes spread quickly around events throughout the Mid-Atlantic States and has expanded to over 200 shows annually from Boston to Florida where customers and venues alike know Sherri’s Crab Cakes for their great product, clean organized stands and great people.

    In recent years Sherri’s Crab Cakes has added franchisees based in other markets and they are expanding their reach to more and more new shows each year.  In 2016 Sherri’s is starting their 21st year in business. We look forward to serving you at festivals all over the East Coast from Boston to Key West Florida.


    Sherri’s offers a delicious crab cake product that is literally unparalleled in the marketplace in taste, consistency and quality.  We have been selling the product since 1996 and have created a market leadership position throughout the Eastern United States as providing the best Crab Cakes available.  When Sherri’s Crab Cakes takes a booth at shows and festivals, customers are thrilled with the fact that they can get the best products from a simple and convenient format from a booth setting.


    To build a brand throughout the Eastern United States that means quality products, value and focus on great service through professional and convenient booth/stand retail locations.   The marketplace for crab cakes served at events is largely unbranded and without a major retailer – it is our vision and goal to build a model and brand that stands for exceedingly high standards of product, service, quality and value for the customer.  Sherri’s will continue to develop the way people shop for Crab Cakes while providing franchise partners a strong and viable business model.


    Franchisees will own and operate their own small business selling delicious crab cakes at upscale festivals and events including Fine Art Shows, Arts and Crafts Shows, Street Fairs, Wine & Beer Festivals, Seafood Festivals, Car/Bike Shows and more. Gross sales for these events can run into the thousands of dollars per day and our exclusive distributor will earn significant daily CASH profits working their own business at current festivals (in some markets) we are already a part of and additional events that can be added in the market.
    Locations should have the following elements in place:

    –       High Traffic Shows – the busier the event, the better

    –       Middle to Higher income demographics


    We look for high traffic shows, but want to keep rents for the show at $500 per show or lower to keep the overhead low and the profit high.  The model only requires that you have a few employees, someone to work the booth and greet the customers and travel to the exhibitions to offer Crab Cakes to the customers at any given event.  It is a high volume operation with very simplistic operating structure that allows for maximum profitability.


    DISCLAIMER: A franchise offering can be made by us only in a state if we are first registered, filed, excluded, exempted or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state, and only if we provide you with an appropriate franchise disclosure document. Follow-up or individualized responses to you that involve either effecting or attempting to effect the sale of a franchise will be made only if we are first in compliance with state registration or notice filing requirements, or are covered by an applicable state exclusion or exemption.

  • Daycare Center Franchise Opportunity

    Delivering Early Childcare Development
    and Educational Excellence

    legacy academy franchise
    The fast-growing market demand for quality early care and education centers leads many savvy investors to consider child development franchises. Investors choose Legacy Academy because of its proven successes with other daycare center franchises.

    Legacy Academy





    From the beginning, providing the best quality early care and education has been the focus of Legacy Academy. Our name and trade identity are synonymous with thehighest end of the spectrum of educational facilities for children. We focus on those aspects which leave parents with a feeling of confidence and pride in the choice they make for their children’s daycare.

    From the beginning, providing the best quality early care and education has been the focus of Legacy Academy. Our name and trade identity are synonymous with thehighest end of the spectrum of educational facilities for children. We focus on those aspects which leave parents with a feeling of confidence and pride in the choice they make for their children’s daycare.Legacy Academy

    Legacy Academy’s own copyrighted curriculum, Framework for their Future®, crafted by a team of early care and education experts, is used in all of our schools.

    We believe that Legacy Academy provides the best child care learning experience by empowering children to be the best they can be. What many call daycare, we call child care because children are our focus. Throughout each day, we care for the unique, inquisitive and fascinating infants, toddlers and young children entrusted to us.

    Partner with us

    Legacy AcademyLegacy Academy offers investors an exciting opportunity to build a rewarding business, while helping families and children with our very successful daycare franchises.

    Legacy Academy assists and supports each of its franchisees in ensuring that all our centers are characterized by a consistently positive, nurturing environment where children are happy and well cared for. All our franchisees submit for accreditation with NAEYC by their third anniversary. NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, is an independent body based in Washington, DC which is widely recognized as the foremost authority on early childhood care in the country. All schoolsLegacy Academy are given help and guidance with the accreditation process along with encouragement to keep achieving the best possible environment for children in their care.

    Our success is tied to the success of each new childcare franchisee, so it is our goal for each franchisee to build and manage a well-run and profitable center. Franchise operation is not for everyone but it is one of the most secure forms of business operation available for those with good business skills and a desire to be successful by following a proven system. Ours is a massive, open market with tremendous potential.

    Legacy will work to help you obtain the necessary financing, choose the best site, build and begin operating your new center.

    Contact us now to learn more about starting your own Legacy Academy daycare center.

  • chute and duct franchise

    How to Start a Chute and Duct Cleaning Franchise

    Owning your own business is an exciting and exhilarating prospect and for most people it’s hard to determine which market or business segment to focus on when evaluating the franchise marketplace. However, when it comes to being a business owner, you want to try and have a unique service where there is lower competition and […]


    As a Montessori League Academy franchisee, you will operate a lucrative child care business and help prepare children to go anywhere that their dreams, interests, and passions take them, while getting complete support from us.


    Why Our Montessori Franchise?

    Montessori League Academy offers two franchise systems, one as a home-based business model and our flagship model which incorporates a retail business system.  As a Montessori League Academy franchisee, you’ll help prepare children to go anywhere that their dreams, interests, and passions take them. We believe that cultivating curious and inventive personalities in children can help them go further and achieve more. A franchisee will be able to offer the Montessori Method with Ivy League inspired curriculum, which gives children a truly unique learning experience.


    1 ALL Photos

    About Us

    Montessori League Academy embraces every possible philosophy to enhance the development of the child in an academic and warm atmosphere, as well as considering the safety of the child at all times.

    By teaching and allowing independence and collaborative learning, with high quality material, learning is reinforced internally through the child’s own repetition of an activity and internal feelings of success. This carries the child’s success well beyond the Montessori years.

    Montessori Ivy League is a firm believer in the authentic Montessori philosophy of the ”Absorbent Mind,” where a child’s mind is formed in the early childhood. In accordance with the same philosophy, Harvard University’s extensive studies suggest that the structure of the brain is formed in the early years of a child’s education, and we at Montessori Ivy League are proud to incorporate these studies and their practical functions into our curriculum.

    children education franchise

    Our Support

    We offer training programs & on-going support for all of our franchisees to help grow their business before and after they launch. The support available ranges from marketing, accounting and even operational. Our training programs are thorough and will give you all the tools necessary for running a successful franchise.

    Our training exists prior to opening your location and we also offer on-site training after in moderation throughout the year. Exclusive territories are available and the increase to gain more population could be negotiated if the area is not occupied.

    Don’t worry about encountering problems alone, our management team is experienced and will provide you with all the guidance you need to be successful in owning an Montessori Ivy League Academy Franchise.

    Interested in this opportunity? Inquire Today to learn more about becoming a Franchisee.

  • How to Start a Lice Removal Business

    Are you considering leaving the hustle and bustle of the corporate world or just looking for the next opportunity to start a great business? Are you looking for a unique business idea but you don’t really want to have to learn the ropes and start up a whole complete company by yourself? There’s a new […]

  • franchise tradeshow

    Franchise Marketing Systems Pavilion – Atlanta Franchise Show

    Atlanta, GA – 9/24 – 9/25/2016 The Atlanta franchise exposition is coming in September of this year.  The show is a fantastic venue for franchisors to exhibit their value, show their brands and display their opportunities and buyers to interview franchisors and find out what might make a good fit for their needs and interests […]

  • Sid’s Pizza Franchise

    Why Sid’s Pizza Franchise? When you want to work with a restaurant for your future franchise, why not consider an award winning favorite among the communities? Sid’s Pizza is a top-notch franchise opportunity that offers amazingly delicious food and a high end product you won’t find in your everyday pizza restaurants.  This award winning restaurant […]

  • Property Management franchise

    How to Start a Property Management Franchise

    With the downturn in the residential housing market, many homeowners have turned to renting their homes as a way to manage the decreased value  in their home.  With these new landlords have come the increased need for professional property management services and guidance to support people who are renting single family homes are larger multi-family […]

  • Quick Summary

    With over a decade in business and over twenty million square feet of concrete coating experience, Garage Floor has become the most recognized and trusted concrete coating company in America.

    epoxy floor coating franchise

    Become Part of a 6 Billion Dollar Industry!

    We Are the Undisputed Industry Leader
    We have been providing innovative, industry-leading concrete coating solutions for more than 19 years.  We take pride in our work and we focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations every day, on every job.  We have coated over 60,000,000 square feet of concrete, and we handle every type of job imaginable – from garages to basements, from warehouses to airplane hangars – and much more.

    Demand for Our Services Just Keeps Growing
    Did you know that garage enhancement is now the fastest-growing segment of the home-improvement industry?  The demand for our products and services keeps on growing. is dedicated to providing the highest-quality coating system products and services to our customers across the United States.

    Industry Resilience
    Over the last few years – one of the roughest economic times in history – the garage coating industry was a bright, resilient light.  In fact, our company’s biggest period of growth happened during the recent economic recession.  Garage renovation and enhancement continues to be a rapidly growing sector.

    Our years of experience in this sector and our industry-leading technology make us the number-one garage coating company in North America.

    Become a Dealer and Enjoy These Benefits

    • No royalties fees
    • Website, SEO development and Advertising assistance
    • Electronic standard operating procedures
    • Extensive in-house and ongoing field training and support
    • Optional customer relationship management software, electronic estimate forms and landing page
    • Brand recognition

    Proprietary Systems, 5 Years Ahead of the Competition!
    Eco-CorFlex Molecular Industrial Polymers is the sole product supplier of

  • Yabos Tacos Franchise

    Announcing the new franchise model launch of Yabo’s Sports Grill and Bar!

    firFor Immediate Release May 2016 – Headquartered in Ohio, Yabo’s Sports Grill and Bar is proud to announce the new franchise launch of the Ohio-based brand released this month. The organization will be offering fantastic franchise opportunities to take this proven business model to new locations and into new markets.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for another […]

  • Turf Franchsie

    Artificial Turf Franchise Industry Growth

    Artificial Turf Franchise Industry Growth If you’re looking for a new franchise opportunity to take advantage of, the IntelliTurf franchise is one to watch. This company is based out of Atlanta, GA and offers a top-quality business model to follow. There are many reasons this franchise is a good idea but perhaps you’re wondering why […]

  • Franchise Opportunities Are Available in Your Area!

    Right now there is no dominant Computer Support Chain in the country. People do not know who to trust or where to bring their computer to when there is a problem. The market is primed and ready, and we need your help. We have the knowledge and experience to help you become a HERO!
    We are looking to rapidly expand in the upcoming year, so right now is the best time to call and talk to us about getting your very own location. We have for a limited time only aggressively priced the Franchise Fees and Start Up costs, to let you in on the ground floor of this incredible opportunity.
    Ask yourself these questions:
    Why am I working for someone else and limiting my earning potential?
    Why wouldn’t I want to own a lucrative business franchise?
    The Computer Hero Franchise is one of the most profitable businesses models available. The Computer Sales and Services market is predicted to be one of the highest growth markets in the next decade. The more people’s dependence on technology increases, the more sought after you will be.
    Arguably the best branded computer franchise in America, The Computer Hero Franchising will assist you in becoming a successful business owner, BUT you will never be alone, you have our Hero Team available to back you up. We will help you be a HERO to your customers. We are here to help when you want to take a vacation too. The Hero Team will assist each other and give all of us that needed break that owning a small business does not always afford an independent business owner. As a member of the HERO Team, we will soar to new heights together.
    Our Commitment

    The Computer Hero’s number one commitment is to exceed our customer’s expectations, not just meet them. We do this by always providing our customers Great Quality Service with Honesty and Integrity at a very reasonable price. The Computer Hero was established on and maintains its dedication to maximizing the investments our customers make in Technology whether in their Home or Business.
    The Computer Hero is committed to being the smart choice for Small Businesses to build and maintain a reliable and Secure Information Systems and we strive to provide fast and skilled support when they need it, without the added expense of a large IT Staff. We are committed to helping our customers by solving their aggravating, stressful, time-consuming computer problems quickly and accurately.
    The Computer Hero always gives our customers affordable, reliable access to Enterprise-Class Technical Expertise. We deliver Professional know-how when they need it, provide specialized expertise in key applications, offer them unique services such as Disaster Recovery Planning, and charging them only for the services they need.
    We are committed to making sure our customers are happy and refer us to others. Word of mouth is the best advertisement for any business. We will provide solutions for all our customer’s needs which will ensure their business is up and running so they can do what they do best and leave the IT to us.
    Let us be their Hero together!

  • It’s time for a franchise model that completely redefines the market place. One that offers a business model no one has done with such success and market potential. Our mission at The Tuckaway is to create an enjoyable and memorable experience and connect with people through our creative, quality-focused tavern and butchery food and our family style hospitality.

    Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery is the perfect combination of a modern butcher shop and a New England style tavern both focused around fresh, quality, flavorful meats that are prepared in house. The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery is the only establishment in New England that publicly displays their entire menu of fresh ingredients for everyone to see. Once guests see our amazing products in the Butchery, they often crave to have these dishes prepared for you next door in the Tavern.

    3 background pic

    The Butchery opened in March 2012 as a meat market specialty shop highlighting top-quality beef and homemade marinades, but quickly expanded to include much more. Today the Butchery features a wide variety of in-house crafted specialty foods, a vast array of locally crafted beers, plenty of wine, and a complete organic section featuring nuts, granola, fruit bars, chips, desserts, and more.
    The Tavern opened a few months after the Butchery focusing on high quality and great customer service. With Chef Bobby Marcotte at the helm, the Tavern is the ideal stage to showcase the Butchery products. Featuring top-quality, fresh ingredients, Chef Marcotte has designed a menu that takes a creative spin on the foods you know while transporting them to the next level. Combining playful names and the best ingredients, we strive for the food at the Tavern to make every dining experience a memorable one.

    When you join the Tuckaway team as a franchise owner, you will receive outstanding support in a number of different exciting areas:
    · Site Development
    · Marketing & Customer Development
    · Training & Operational Support
    · Purchasing Support
    · Ongoing Product Development

    · Training at The Tuckaway HQ in New Hampshire beginning approximately 6-8 weeks before the franchise is scheduled to open for business
    · 2 weeks of training at your location to get your business started
    · 2 sessions per year, which can be up to 2 days of refresher/update training or meetings in each session
    · Ongoing support and guidance in building and operating your business
    Qualifications recommended for potential franchise owners:
    · Strong Sales and Client Service Abilities
    · Good with Timing and Schedule Management
    · High Personal Standards
    · Able to Meet Initial Investment Requirements
    · Strong Sense of Integrity in Corporate and Client Relationships
    · A Willingness and Commitment to Excellent Service
    · A Good-Humored, Open-Minded, Hardworking and Patient Individual
    · Dedication to Building a Strong Community Support System Through Community Outreach and Charitable Donations
    Targeted experiences for potential franchise owners may include:
    · Strong Team of General Manager and Owner Operator Who are Able to Multi-Task and Facilitate the Symbiotic Relationship Between the Butchery and theTavern (Reduce Waste, Enable Simultaneous Production, Creativity, and Profit Between the Two)
    · Franchise Operations or Hospitality Service Industry
    · Experience Business Owner and/or Managerial Experience
    · Love for High-Quality, Fresh Food


    Harold’s Drive-In, has been a fixture in Kansas City, MO for over 50 years. 

    Best known for our breakfast sandwiches made with high quality meats, our sausage egg sandwich is # One; made with fresh cracked eggs grilled to customer’s request. Harold’s offers an array of great food, great taste deep fried foods, greasy burgers, malts and freshly squeezed lemonade & lime-aid. With our own special recipes in our foods and our special customers – family, we are Harold’s, Kansas City fast food restaurant. WE ARE and will be for generations to come!

    Harold’s is the “Home of Honest to Goodness Goodness.”

    Harolds Breakfast


    Due to major demand, Harold’s Drive-In has taken their decades of experience and packaged together their successful operation to present franchising opportunities to passionate entrepreneurs. The $200 Billion dollar food service industry is expected to have an annual growth of 2.5% for the next several years. Now is the time to partner with a franchise that has over 50+ years of experience thriving in the ever-shifting U.S. economy.

    harolds drive in burgers

    WHY US

    Other than training and operational/marketing support, Harold’s also proves to be quite stable. You will purchase a business concept that has already been tried and tested in the market. Another reason to own a Harold’s Drive-In would be the low risk factor. The risks of setting up a franchise business are substantially reduced when compared to establishing a new business in the same market.

    We provide you with a clear value proposition. Our franchise model targets almost every consumer in your community, simply because our menu appeals to the masses. We offer franchisees a simple and efficient solution for high demand, running a staff and retaining customers.

    harolds drive in


    How Are We Different: Harold’s is different because we use the highest quality food and service for each customer. We maintain a consistent clean restaurant. We have a system that maximizes efficiencies with food and overhead. We continue to use the Harold’s tradition and heritage that has been in place since 1958.

    What Makes A Good Location: High traffic suburbs, busy intersections or interchanges. 50,000+ population, downtowns, food courts, diverse neighborhoods, industrial areas, airport kiosks, amusement parks.

    What Makes A Good Harold’s Franchisee: A hard nosed hard worker, communication, kind, generous and personable person. Someone with good managerial skills, who is proactive & coordinated. “Don’t ask somebody to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. –Be humble and stay humble.”


  • emaids franchise

    For Immediate Release – May 2016

    Announcing new locations and expansion of the eMaids franchise! eMaids is excited to announce that they have expanded their franchise to seven locations across the nation. Based in New York, this full-service maid company has an amazing marketing system, brand, and approach to customer service that has entrepreneurs excited to get an opportunity to become […]

  • Coupon Mailer Franchise

    Why do Coupon Mailer Franchises Do So Well?

    Having your own business is no easy task. Now-a-days, a lot of people are starting to think about what they really want out of life professionally speaking, and many have found out that working for a big corporation is not something that makes them happy. And sure, if you are clever enough, you can have […]

    The Mission for each franchisee will be to support each client in achieving effortless and stress-free transition to a new home. The mission of the franchise company is to achieve nationwide penetration of the Organize Senior Moves system by selling franchises to qualified individuals who are aligned with the goals and objectives of the Organize Senior Moves Management team, and to lead those franchisees into the future with the appropriate perspective and vision.

    With Organize Senior Moves, this will be the best move youve ever made!!!

    Organize Senior Moves is a full-service senior moving management company that can help facilitate the relocation to (or from) a private residence, an assisted living facility, or senior housing complexes.

    Organize-Senior-Moves Franchise

    The franchisor, Organize Senior Moves Franchising, LLC is a New York company dedicated to being the premier full service provider in the organization of moving seniors. As a franchisee of Organize Senior Moves, the new partner will be utilizing the experience and coaching of the Organize Senior Moves management team and support staff and will benefit from the growing industry trend of senior population growth.

    With a growing demand for the use of its services, the founders of Organize Senior Moves decided to expand their successful business model to others across the United States. Organize Senior Moves will achieve significant expansion through the implementation of a franchising model by securing key business partners who will facilitate national growth. The Organize Senior Moves point of difference is found in its systematic approach of building business systems that provide and deliver extremely high quality and customized services for seniors and their family members as they reach a point in their lives where they need an expert who can manage the process. Senior Moving and Transitions Franchise

    Organize Senior Moves achieves a very strong return on investment in comparison to the rest of the Aging-in-Place, Senior Services, and Franchise Industry in general. With the implementation of a structured and systemized business model, the growth achieved by Organize Senior Moves has been significant and impressive. The model has been redefined and fine-tuned through years of experience.

    Organize Senior Moves will differentiate the franchise model against competing systems through an intense focus on high-levels of service and consistency delivered through a structured and defined business model. The focus on the client is what places Organize Senior Moves in a unique market position that has room for significant growth.

    America is getting older. The aging of the baby boomers is mentioned frequently as one of the most influential happenings in recent economic history. With this large population segment nearing the age of retirement, more and more companies have been racing towards the bustling and growing industry of senior services. More and more Americans haveSenior Moving Franchise also made the choice to stay home as long as possible and when they are finally ready to move to assisted living facility, they are unable to complete the process on their own.

    The services provided by the Organize Senior Moves franchisee will mimic those in the current business as performed by the OSM franchise and OSM staff. These may include the following list of moving services specifically tailored to the senior market segment:

    Develop floor plans for your new home
    Organize which items to take to your new home
    Separate, downsize and help find items to donate, give away, and keep
    Organize/Prep for an Estate Sale
    Recommend moving companies
    Coordinate and oversee movers
    Oversee the entire move
    Organize and sort
    Stage your new home
    Hang pictures
    Prepare your former home for sale
    Take care of any other details that you’re concerned about
    The corporate location in Albany, New York is based on years of diverse business experience by the founder of the company, Michelle Kavanaugh. Organize Senior Moves, LLC has been defined by this belief and focus through the development of strong leadership personnel and a modular organization with departments and managers throughout the organization.

    The goal of an Organize Senior Moves franchisee is to take care of the entire moving process, from beginning to end. Each Organize Senior Moves client can relax knowing their property will be taken care of, no matter what large or small task is required. Each franchise unit offers fully nonintrusive and affordable services that address typical concerns when seniors are looking to make one of their last big moves.

    The Organize Senior Moves franchise business will start out either as a home-based location or out of a small office location allowing for a lower initial investment in the business to get a franchisee started. The overhead and initial start up costs will be low in order to make the business profitable in as short of a time period as possible. As the franchise business grows and new locations are added throughout the Northeast and other markets, personnel is brought on board and the office and business will be expanded to accommodate the people and staff (similar to the affiliate company in Albany).

    The Bottom Line

    Organize Senior Moves Franchise OpportunityThe Organize Senior Moves franchise offers a complete training platform, both in your territory and at corporate. You can count on a manage team deeply rooted in customer service and full of passion for supporting you in being successful with your new business venture. The business model requires a low up front investment for a home based business model with an enormous market opportunity and growing customer base in need of more help now than ever before. You will receive marketing support, business development, operational tools, hiring support and a team that is so dedicated to your success that you feel like you’ve inhereted new family members.

    Contact us for more information.