How to Start a Chute and Duct Cleaning Franchise

Owning your own business is an exciting and exhilarating prospect and for most people it’s hard to determine which market or business segment to focus on when evaluating the franchise marketplace. However, when it comes to being a business owner, you want to try and have a unique service where there is lower competition and high profit margins.  A business segment that offers residual income opportunities through long term commercial contracts and high dollar revenue opportunities per transaction.  If you jump out of the corporate world and into business ownership with an idea that everyone else has, it can make it hard for you to be successful in your future business. You want to develop a unique service or product idea that can help you to grow by leaps and bounds and see your profits roll in. One way of doing that is considering the professional cleaning and duct cleaning services industry.  This is one of the reasons why we feel so strongly about the Chute and Duct Cleaning industry segment.  This is a unique market segment that offers professional cleaning services to clean chutes and ducts in taller commercial buildings.  It is a targeted market niche which offers consistent work and also residual income from longer term client relationships.  When you choose this market, you have a wide open arena for making your business grow and produce profits.

Why? The reason is because when you provide a specific niche cleaning and maintenance service to professional landlords and building managers, the market is typically small for competition. Not everyone is offering the same type of services which leads you wide open to make this your niche in the industry. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider opening your own service franchise to offer professional services that are not the run of the mill operations.


Lower Initial Investment

When it comes to investing, upfront costs can be quite large for most franchise opportunities. Christopher Conner with Franchise Marketing Systems has conducted research in the franchise space and put together some reviews of investment ranges, “Our firm, Franchise Marketing Systems is constantly running reviews of average initial investments in the franchise market segment, we’ve seen a drastic increase in the average initial investment over the most recent couple of years.  Almost to the same levels as the mid-2000’s when franchise investments ranges were exceeding $400k on average.”  Mr. Conner explained that during the recession of 2008, the average investment dropped significantly with more franchisees buying businesses with cash as opposed to financing options.  When you want to invest into a service company franchise, they can be quite lower and make it easier to get started. Your initial upfront investment can make or break your future success. Be sure you check out the service business as these are typically much lower to get started in.


Long-term, High Profit Corporate Clients

When you offer a unique professional service you can easily land long-term clients that will be higher profiting corporate customers. That means your services are needed by the businesses in your area and you’re able to provide them! Many times corporations find the service provider in their area and stick with them for the duration. Having long term clients makes it easy to keep your profits rolling in and keep your business moving forward.


Unique Service Means Less Competition

Another perk to finding a unique service niche is that the competition is less for you to fight against. Most times the service corporations need can have tons of vendors to choose from. If you’re doing the same thing everyone else is, then why would the company gravitate towards you? By choosing unique services you can limit the other vendor possibilities making it easier for you to land long-term clients for the duration of your business.


Sani Chute Franchise

A great example of this professional cleaning and building maintenance service industry franchise is the company called Sani Chute. This company has been in business for over 10 years with a proven successful business model. They have huge growth potential and offer a unique service that companies need. This makes it easy for you to get in on your own franchise location while offering that one of a kind service your community needs.

Why not join in with Sani Chute and make your own mark in the city you’re in? This is a proven successful business model that is waiting for you to join!


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 -Charles White