Mobile Brake Repair Franchise Expanding Near You

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July 30, 2015


Mobile Brake Repair Franchise Expanding Near You

Virginias #1 Mobile Brake Repair Service is now a Franchise


Fairfax, Va Gone are the days of sitting and waiting in an auto repair shop, there’s a new franchise that brings service directly to you!


The Brake Squad, a mobile brake repair business, provides a team of experts guaranteed to service your vehicle, no matter the location, make or model. The new franchise is “up and running,” and is in transition to becoming a big commodity throughout the U.S. While brake pad and rotor replacement are their most commonly requested services, they also offer caliper replacement, brake fluid flush, emergency brake repair, and more.


Founder, Joe Gregory, took a leap of faith in April, 2012, and started fixing brakes full time, starting up his mobile brake-repair company. “I now have a professional van with custom equipment and can service brake issues where people work, at their home, wherever they are,” he said. “Without the overhead of having to maintain a garage I can offer competitive rates often 40 to 50 percent less than dealerships, and if customers want, they can watch me make the repair.” The Brake Squad offers same or next day service to best fit your schedule and sends an ASE certified brake specialist to inspect your vehicle’s brakes, determine what is needed and do the repair.


brake squad franchiseThe Brake Squad prides itself in customer satisfaction, which is the reason for being open Monday through Saturday, and in only doing the work that is needed. There is no up-selling. Customers are also satisfied knowing that only ASE Certified Brake Specialists and a highly trained support team are assisting them. When asked about length of the repair process, Gregory said, “It usually takes about 1 hour. Some larger vehicles or more complex services and may take up to one and a half or two hours; but most of our brake services are done in less than an hour.”


The mobile repair business is on track to expand out of Virginia and into other markets. Any qualified entrepreneur interested in a Brake Squad Franchise can count on intense support, guidance and partnership from the Brake Squad management team from inception to the implementation and management of the new business. For more information about the business opportunity, visit or call 855-SQUAD4U (855-778-2348).



About The Brake Squad

As a mobile service, we eliminate the inconvenience and time it takes to get the brakes repaired on a vehicle by coming to customers. Customers get the same quality work, but with better service, more convenience, and in many cases for a lower price. Most of all, customers get the service they need, when they need it, with no waiting, no hassle, and no worry.


We pride ourselves on having the friendliest, most well trained, professional, respectful and honest Brake Repair Specialists and support team.