(FS7) A Closer Look at Some Sites for Franchise

Working from Home

With some franchises you’ll be able to work from home. This can save money in real estate and building costs and instead just go to constructing or designing a home office—but these franchises can be very specific and are often much smaller operations as opposed to opening your own McDonald’s location. Some examples of businesses that could operate with a home office are things like carpet cleaning, janitorial or maintenance, IT help, and repairing services. They may also be telemarketing or online marketing franchises that would allow you to make sales from home, but those will be fewer and far between.


While working from home has its obvious benefit on the cost of opening, it can also have the difficult of being less productive as many individuals find themselves working harder and more steadily in a place that is not their home. This might be solvable by having a devoted home office. Another benefit of having a franchise home office Is the fact you’re just steps away from opening shop, you can get in early, do paperwork, and plan your day all before you shower or change out of your pajamas. You can stay late,  close up shop, and plan the next day within your own home and completely miss rush-hour traffic. Another draw for home offices is that people, especially those who enjoy work or have a mind that is always going, find themselves working around the clock because the office is right there and when something comes to mind to do, they just go do it.


Alternate and Off-Street Sites

franchise business consultingThe real reason franchisors are looking into alternative placement and off-street sites is due to the demand for product in these areas. That is, they’re looking for customers in places like convenience stores, hospitals, colleges, bus stations, department stores, and anywhere else where people congregate. The big idea behind this one is to provide products and services to people where they want it, when they want it—even if they don’t know that they want it yet.


One of the greatest draws of this kind of location is the captive audience who came in not for a product, but for something else such as the baseball game they’re attending, the college class they’re waiting to go to or coming from. Looking for a way to spend time is one of the greatest draws for consumers to step through the doors of a business establishment. Think of the gas stations that also have restaurants, mail senders, or check cashers inside of them. They’re able to get more traffic from the consumers that come in to purchase gas or other convenient items from the cashier. The operators for these locations may be single or multiple such as the owner of the gas station might also own the franchise inside of it or the owner of the gas station might be renting the space out.


As you look into alternative and off-street sites, remember that not every mass gathering opportunity is the same and specific franchises will not work in specific places. You will need to research the area to be sure that your franchise will fit in any location that you choose. Remember that the #1 killer for franchises has nothing to do with the ability of the franchisee, the product, or the franchisor, but rather the location.


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