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Spaulding Decon
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Why Choose Spaulding Decon – Best Franchise Opportunity If
Franchise Fee: $35,000 -$38,000
Initial Investment: $84,750 - $120,100
Liquid Capital: $100,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: No

Spaulding Decon

Why Choose Spaulding Decon – Best Franchise Opportunity

If you’re looking for the Best Franchise Opportunity  that’s not only profitable, but personally rewarding, Spaulding Decon is a great opportunity for anyone interested in jumping on board a thriving industry.  We have been restoring property since 2005.  Our services make a huge impact on peoples property and their lives.  We are looking for individuals who enjoy helping people, and making an impact on their lives.  This exciting industry is a break from the daily monotony of working for corporate America.  The trauma cleanup industry is a growing opportunity.  Spaulding Decon is the only company in the country to franchise the meth lab cleanup industry.  Our broad spectrum of services will keep all our franchisees busy in their gigantic territories.

As a franchise owner, you can offer all different types of cleanup services, including but not limited to:

-Crime Scene Cleanup – Human Fecal Matter/Incontinence

-Vandalism-Storm & Flood Damage – Sewage Spills/Back Up

-Tear Gas cleanup – Industrial Accidents & Fatalities

-Vehicle Accidents – Holding Cell/Jail Cells Cleanup

-Law Enforcement Vehicle decontaminations – meth lab cleanup and testing

-Hoarding Cleanup – Blood & Bodily Fluids

-Drug House Decontamination – Animal Waste cleanup

-Odor Remediation – Mold Remediation

-Rodent Dropping cleanup – Reconstruction Services

No Experience Required

No background in hazardous cleanup? No problem. Our specialized programs can teach you what’s required to run a biohazard cleanup business effectively and in full compliance of regulations. Additionally, we will train you in our specialized procedures that ensure the safety of you and your team. For more information on the business and the services go to

We are looking for highly motivated, self driven individuals who have a history of entrepreneurship, military experience, law enforcement, fire fighter, EMT, or other medical fields.  Ask about our discounts to veterans.

What Else Do I Get?

1.  Huge Territories-  Unlike most restoration companies who only give you a territory of 50,000 households, Spaulding Decon gives you a territory of 1 million households.  That’s approximately 2.2 million people.  The territory is exclusive and no other Spaulding Decon franchisee can operate there without your permission.

2. Inexpensive Franchise Fees-  Franchise territories are $35,000 each for the first, and $25,000 for subsequent areas.  Companies currently in business pay only $25,000 for their first franchise.  The value is incredible considering the amount of business available in each territory size.

3.  Brand Recognition-  All Spaulding Decon franchisees receive immediate brand recognition and the use of all our trademarks.  Joining Spaulding Decon means you are joining an elite group of people who are truly recognizable in the industry.  Ask around the industry and you will see our reputation is elite.

4.  Proprietary methods and chemicals-  Spaulding Decon franchisees receive proprietary chemicals that no one else in the world utilize.  We do not sell to the public or our competitors.  This chemical is our proprietary secret to decontaminating all meth lab homes.

5.  Field Training–  Our corporate headquarters in Tampa, FL boasts 14,000 square feet of space.  We have built mock training rooms to allow our employees and franchisees to practice with real furniture, flooring, walls and pigs blood.  Our training is so real life and accurate to the job.  Once you finish our mock training rooms you will go on ride-alongs with our crews to view the real life cleanups.  After your two week training a Spaulding Decon franchisee trainer will meet you in your home location to assist you with your start up and grand opening.

6.  Grand Opening–  A Spaulding Decon representative will fly out to your location for the Grand Opening.  The grand opening is your introduction of the brand to your community.  Not only do we help with your grand opening but we spend up to 5 days at your location to help you with your office setup, estimating, marketing efforts or whatever else you need.  Our brand is very important  and we want to make sure you say and do the right thing to maintain the integrity and guarantee your success.

7.  Royalty Free for 6 months so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Listing Details

Franchise Fee: $35,000 -$38,000
Initial Investment: $84,750 - $120,100
Liquid Capital: $100,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: No
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