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Smash My Trash franchise
smash my trash franchise
Waste Disposal costs only increase each year. Smash My Trash is the solution to this increase and we have packaged our service together to present you with a very lucrative franchise opportunity.
Franchise Fee: $49,995
Initial Investment: $143,250 - $218,00
Support and Training: Yes

Smash My Trash franchise


Smash My Trash franchise

The goal is to reduce the trash hauls by smashing the trash down with an efficient and effective machine, reducing the average amount of trash by 80%.  Since its inception, Smash My Trash has continually grown its fleet of vehicles and personnel to adapt to its client’s daily needs.

Smash My Trash management saw a changing trend and the obvious need for a professional service that could help customers who are spending too much in waste disposal.


The Concept

Franchisees will be expected to operate out of an industrial office space that will double as a storage space for the vehicles and Smash Machines.  Otherwise, the overhead and initial start up costs will be minimized in order to make the business profitable in as short of a time period as possible.  The franchisees will provide the smashing services and the daily operations for a franchisee are very simple.

Smash My Trash intends to create a nationally branded franchise concept by establishing: consistent methods of operation, policies and procedures that ensure high-quality customer service.


We’re Different

The Smash My Trash brand was established in order to address these issues and to bring consistency and professionalism to the marketplace.  The team developed sales processes, documentation and the systems needed to effectively present the value proposition to potential customers through outbound sales techniques.  In a short time, the business has been successful and has been generating impressive cash flow.

Saving Money

Waste Disposal costs only increase each year.  With few exceptions, customers have no choice but to accept the waste industry status quo.  Smash My Trash’s Smash Machines reduce total waste costs by 20-40%.  The proprietary machines put customers back in control of their waste budgets.

Cutting Emissions

Smash My Trash’s Smash Machines generate environmental conservation previously considered impossible.  Carbon emissions are dramatically reduced when open-top container hauls are cut by 70-80%.  Residential junk removal and apartment valet services benefit from similar reductions in trips to landfills, enhanced compaction of waste and recycling material, and even the entire elimination of waste containers!

Keeping it Simple

The Smash Machines come to the customers.  They do the work.  Each container is no longer overloaded, material isn’t piled up waiting on the waste company.  Smash My Trash even tells its customers when it’s time to haul the container, making daily operations that much simpler.

smash my trash franchise


In order to ensure the success of its franchisees, the franchise company intends to provide its franchisees with:


  • Initial hands-on training at its Houston headquarters.
  • Local on-site training and support during each franchisee’s initial start-up.
  • Ongoing training and support to ensure the quality of its franchise units.



Interested? Complete the contact form today for detailed franchise information.

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Franchise Fee: $49,995
Initial Investment: $143,250 - $218,00
Support and Training: Yes
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