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Offbeat and Unique Wellness Boutique franchise
offbeat and unique wellness franchise
Offbeat and Unique Wellness Boutique is based on a passion to help each and every one of our clients feel their very best. We are a wellness boutique specializing in Vape (Quit Smoking programs), CBD
Initial Investment: $146,650 - $237,600
Support and Training: Yes

Offbeat and Unique Wellness Boutique franchise



Offbeat and Unique Wellness Boutique is based on a passion to help each and every one of our clients feel their very best. We are a wellness boutique specializing in Vape (Quit Smoking programs), CBD oils, oxygen bar, and much more on the way! We aim to be a one-stop-shop for our clients for these products and hope to influence a lifestyle full of vitality and wellness. We provide a relaxing, professional environment in which we are dedicated to educating our visitors about our products and guiding them towards the very best choices for them. Since our inception, Offbeat and Unique has quickly grown to become one of the most trusted unique boutiques in the wellness industry and has experienced overwhelming success! The global wellness industry is experiencing historical growth, boasting more than half of the global economy expenditures at $4.2 trillion. Offbeat and Unique is here to offer you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this exciting, new, easy-to-operate concept that will have the community engaged with wellness like never before all within an industry that is growing exponentially. We are now extending a franchise opportunity to interested and qualified candidates to help Offbeat and Unique deliver an unsurpassed wellness experience throughout the United States

offbeat and unique franhcise


Offbeat and Unique is here to encourage a healthier lifestyle for our clientele, offering them various options to relieve stress and anxiety, to quit smoking, and to increase wellness in their lives. We have developed a model that incorporates exceptional operational practices with the latest vape, CBD, and O2 products. Aside from top quality services and satisfied customers, one of the biggest differentiators for Offbeat and Unique is our revolutionary approach. We have incorporated vaping supplies, CBD oils, and O2 bar in with proprietary methods to help customers quit smoking, quit vaping, and to engage in healthful practices. The business model is simple in nature and operational complexity. Today’s consumer market has developed the need for convenience and professionalism that can be delivered by a niche wellness operation like Offbeat and Unique.


Breathing in non-medical, scented oxygen from an oxygen bar delivers 4 to 5 times the amount of oxygen present in normal air. The experience leaves customers feeling refreshed, full of energy and detoxified. Oxygen bars continue to gain in popularity worldwide, providing a plethora of benefits that include digestion improvement, better cell metabolism, heightened concentration and memory, quicker physical recoveries, and calms the mind.


Cannabis oil, a hemp-derived product, has been shown to reduce anxiety and boost serotonin levels. Absent of THC, these products are gifting generations with new ways to suppress anxiety, ease depression, battle PTSD symptoms, and more.


Our brand offers a unique twist on vaping by offering a dedicated, knowledgeable staff to aid each client, from vaping novice to experienced vaper. Of those who have tried vaping, 31% quit traditional tobacco products.

Offbeat and Unique franchise

What makes Offbeat and Unique an appealing and exciting venture?

We recognize the growing need for quality vaping products, oxygen bar destinations, and CBD supplies. Our franchise model is based on a modular design; a franchisee can sell vape supplies and CBD products without the oxygen bar or choose CBD products and oxygen bar. The modular design of the franchise allows for customizable business for the franchisee. We will be implementing new health and wellness modules as well as additional revenue streams making us standouts in the franchise marketplace.

We offer an owner-operated concept that is affordable, scalable, and applicable within most places. Our brand is beckoning entrepreneurial hopefuls who want a business with reasonable overhead, affordable start-up costs, impressive ROI, and sprawling international market applicability. Offbeat and Unique intends to be the leader in our niche market and has the systems and vision in place to make this a reality.

Investing in our proven business model will save you thousands of man-hours and tens of thousands of dollars. Your Offbeat and Unique Franchise will be up and running in a matter of months instead of the year or more it would take to start from scratch, and your investment should begin to show returns much sooner as a result of it.



Premium products complemented by exceptional customer service and knowledge is a highly sought-after commodity and is the perfect investment for any business-minded candidate. Particularly, Offbeat and Unique is seeking individuals with the following qualifications:

• Strong sales and customer service abilities are the foundation of an Offbeat and Unique candidate. We want an outgoing “people person” who will bond with customers and maintain the loyalty of each one through authentic conversation, a superb knowledge base, and a great attitude.

• Offbeat and Unique operates with a high level of integrity, excellence, and credibility. We are committed to high quality products and strong client service. Franchisees will be required to follow in this same core philosophy for the operation of their location as this is one of the key differentiators between Offbeat and Unique and other operations.

• Great time and schedule management skills are important for our franchisees as they manage a small staff and coordinate schedules. Staying on point with inventory, ordering, and staff means that a franchisee must be able to multitask and remain organized.

• We need candidates that meet the initial financial requirements in order to successfully launch their business. An Offbeat and Unique franchisee should have a minimum of $146,650 in investment capital to account working capital, start-up costs, marketing dollars, and initial franchise fees. A person who meets the above qualifications may be a great fit for our company! We want candidates who believe in the Offbeat and Unique concept, who want to deliver exceptional customer service, and who want to share the benefits of our products with the nation.

Why wait? Complete the form below to take the first step towards your future as an Offbeat and Unique Wellness Boutique franchisee.

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Initial Investment: $146,650 - $237,600
Support and Training: Yes
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