More Local Offers™
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ABOUT More Local Offers™ License Business Opportunity: Small business owners all across America, face a plethora of Omni-Channel advertising and marketing choices, y
Franchise Fee: $5,000
Initial Investment: $10,175 - $17,550
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes

More Local Offers™

ABOUT More Local Offers License Business Opportunity:

Small business owners all across America, face a plethora of Omni-Channel advertising and marketing choices, yet, after making it through more than fifty years of such competitive ad spend, permission-based email marketing is still the most effective, results measuring way of reaching small business customers, and does so inexpensively.

The one caveat to email marketing’s status in the world of advertising and local marketing, is the continuing need for the small business merchant to grow their customer list with new, prospective customers to which they then can send their email messaging to, or at least it was until the arrival of The Cross-Pollinator™ and MoreLocalOffers.Com™ Platform. Therein lies your opportunity to fill this need as a Provider Licensee of this unique collaborative service.



Why More Local Offers™?

More Local Offers™ is the ultimate online marketing & consumer acquisition tool for small businesses in your area. For entrepreneurs, such as yourself, who are looking for a lucrative business to invest in, our MLO™ Provider License Business is such an opportunity. The systems we have in place allowed us to be successful in the marketplace, and now we’re offering interested entrepreneurs, such as yourself, the same advantage.

You, as a Cross-Pollinator™ and More Local Offers™ List-building Service Provider, will be offering this exciting new search engine e-tool and support, to hundreds, if not thousands of small business owners, where each merchants viewership will be able to cross-pollinate with multiple local businesses databases, and do so with full permission and total privacy, thus creating new customers for participating merchants.

Through this unique collaborative e-tool, tens of thousands of visitors will be able to access an exclusive array of “Sizzlin’ Deals”, while enjoying a spam-free browsing experience allowing them to select their favorite local merchant offerings by the click of a mouse. Once they click the submit button, and click the print button, their chosen coupons and bonuses can then be redeemed at their favorite stores location. This is the power of the service you will be providing!

By providing your community this unique and powerful small merchant list-building service, you will become known as ‘the’ trusted advisor to many small merchants you will serve within your local community.

more local offers

Our Support

MORE LOCAL OFFERS™ provides training programs & an on-going support for all our Licensees’ to help grow their business. The support available ranges from marketing, accounting, legal and even operational.

Marketing Support – Even though our Licensees are ambitiously reaching out to their local community and networking with collaborating organizations, we still will help coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies for the benefit of all Provider Licensees in the network. At MORE LOCAL OFFERS™ we supply Provider Licensees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at local and or regional levels.

Purchasing – The Licensor or its affiliate will negotiate quantity discounts on Services needed by Provider Licensees to help run their businesses smoothly, and will do so on behalf of all of its Provider Licensees. MLO™ will pass some or all of these cooperative savings onto the Provider Licensee Network.

Don’t worry about encountering your problems alone, that’s what MORE LOCAL OFFERS™ is here for! Our support team is highly trained to offer ongoing assistance well after your business is launched, and will continue to do so throughout the lifetime of your Provider relationship with MLO™.

The Next Steps..

It’s time to take the next steps to owning your own MORE LOCAL OFFERS™. Being an owner offers the fulfillment that comes with being a part of something bigger than your average 9 to 5 job. This is a chance to live the life you’ve always wanted and to bring growth to business owners of your community.

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Franchise Fee: $5,000
Initial Investment: $10,175 - $17,550
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes
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