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The Green Queen franchise
The Green Queen is the "one stop shop" for all green, non-toxic home services. The unique model maximizes revenue per customer by combining recurring revenue streams with high margin bolt on services
Franchise Fee: $30,000
Initial Investment: $64,800 $122,000
Liquid Capital: $64,800 $122,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes

The Green Queen franchise

About The Green Queen:

The Green Queen is the “one stop shop” for all green, non-toxic home services.  The unique model maximizes revenue per customer by combining recurring revenue streams with high margin bolt on services, such as residential cleaning, pest, mosquito, and turf care. 


  • Green Cleaning
  • Green Pest Control
  • Organic and Hybrid Mosquito
  • Organic and Hybrid Turf Care
  • Termite
  • Wildlife

Green Queen is not “mostly green,” only to sneak in bleach or toxic weed killers when the customer is’t looking.  Green Queen Pest Control does not use traditional pest control chemicals, in fact, these harmful chemicals are not even on the trucks.

Why Green Queen?

Unique Model

Green Queen is the only “One stop shop” for Green Home Services. Franchisee units can maximize their spend per customer through a comprehensive service offering.

Low Investment, High Return

Green Queen is a home based business (at least initially) with both repeating revenue streams and high margin bolt-on services.

Part of the Green Queen “Community”

This includes training and support for all services, a monthly “newspaper” to all Green Queen clients directly from Jennifer and access to proprietary products that work!

Entry Into Rapidly Growing End Markets

The “Green Industry” is on the rise, as well as a growing need for house cleaning services with the rise in dual income families. The Zika virus has caused an influx of mosquito treatment needs, as well as a steady demand for bug and lawn spray service


Nearly four in 10 American say they are dedicated to buying green products and services (ie either “almost always” or “regularly” buy green products) – which is a 6 percentage point increase over 2012 results, and equates to about 93 million Americans.


Cleaning services are growing rapidly as the number dual income family increases. In 2015 alone it generated $46 billion in revenue. Last year, nearly 10% of all U.S. households paid a professional service to clean their homes. Within the next few years, the US Department of Commerce expects 80% of two- income households to use an outside housecleaning service. Green cleaning in particular is the new hot industry leading the way into the future of both residential and commercial cleaning.


Zika and the desire the outdoors has led the mosquito spray industry to the forefront of many parents minds with this industry growing exponentially.


Green pest control uses cutting edge techniques and is in higher demand each year. For example, 2014 research by Orkin and the American Apartment As- sociation reinforces the broader consumer trend data. Their study found: 78% of apartment renters want environmentally friendly products.


12 million households use all natural or organic methods on their lawns and gardens, according to a 2008 survey by the National Gardening Association. That’s more than double the 5 million who reported the same in 2004. Another 17 million plan to make the switch, and 22 million say they are considering it.

Green Queen Support 

Areas of support include:

  • Operational Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Accounting Support
  • Audit Support
  • Legal Support

The Green Queen will also continue ongoing research and development, which will stream down to each franchise store. With these great areas of support, becoming a franchisee of The Green Queen could not be easier!

Expertise You Can Trust – “the Green Queen” herself, Jennifer Hankey; is supported by Board of Advisors (PhD in Neuroscience from Emory, Biochemist from Denver, Allergist and Immunologist (MD).; only using “true green products”

Complete the form if you are interested in your own Green Queen franchise. 

Listing Details

Franchise Fee: $30,000
Initial Investment: $64,800 $122,000
Liquid Capital: $64,800 $122,000
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: Yes
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