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Franchise Marketing Systems
franchise my business
Franchise Marketing Systems helps businesses franchise their model and expand through franchising.
Initial Investment: $20,000 - $30,000
Support and Training: Yes

Franchise Marketing Systems



Franchise Development through FMS – a Team Approach with a Focus on Results. 

Franchise Marketing Systems was founded by Chris Conner in 2009 in Atlanta, GA and has developed into a nationwide network of franchise consultants helping you franchise your business effectively. Franchise Marketing Systems helps businesses franchise their model and scale through franchise development. Franchise Marketing Systems will build the franchise systems, structure, documentation, handle the registration work and prepare the organization for franchising. Franchise Marketing Systems will then manage and oversee the execution of the franchise roll out. This includes the marketing, sales, management and oversight of the franchise model itself.

  • Team of 27 Franchise Consultants on Staff
  • Works with third party franchise law firms to provide FDD/Franchise Agreements
  • Over 400 Brands Franchised
  • Over 4,000 units sold
  • Franchised Businesses Around the World and in Almost Every Market Globally
  • Work in EVERY industry segment

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Review of the Franchise Development Process with Franchise Marketing Systems:

  1. Franchise Business Planning – First Draft in 3 Weeks
    Initial Strategic Plan – 1 Week.
    Franchise Research Report – 1.5 Weeks.
    Franchise Structure Report – 2 Weeks.
  2. Franchise Business Plan (First Draft in 3 Weeks).
    a. Franchisor Business Plan
    b. Franchisee Business Plan
    c. Registration with the SBA
  3. Legal Document Development
    Franchise Disclosure Document Development – 1.5 Weeks from Completion of Business Plan.
    Franchise Agreement Completion – 1.5 Weeks from Completion of Business Plan.
    State Registration Applications – 1 month from completion of Business Plan.
  4. Operations Services
    a. Operations Manual Initial Analysis and Outline
    b. 1 Week from Completing the Legal Documents
    c. Onsite Analysis and Consulting – 1 Week from the date we have finished the Legal Documentation.
    d. Franchise Operations Manual – 3 Weeks from Completion of Legal Documentation.
  5. Franchise Marketing Services
    a. Franchise Marketing Plan – First Draft 15 Days from Completion of Operations Manual
    b. Franchise Collateral Materials – First Draft 21 Days from Completion of Operations Manual
  6. Franchise Sales and Marketing – Ongoing


No Equity, No Exclusivity, Performance based franchise development.

With the right platform, a good track record and a brand that has some credibility, the franchise model allows for scaled growth into new markets.

Franchise Marketing Systems has worked with a wide range of brands and in virtually every industry segment.

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