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Employernomics Franchise
employernomics franchise
ABOUT US EmployerNomics is a sales organization in the Human Resourc
Franchise Fee: $25,000
Initial Investment: $42,350 - $61,500
Support and Training: Yes

Employernomics Franchise


EmployerNomics is a sales organization in the Human Resources Services Outsourcing field. Our vision is to provide effective employer and HR outsourcing to assist employers in handling the drudgery and implied risk associated with having employees.

We are the Employer Resource company that creates more efficient working environments for employers and employees by using our experience to strategically match our clients with the right HR solution, through our national network of HR service providers.


Franchise owners will be those with a desire to see standards and best practices in the HR outsourcing industry put in place and guaranteed. Utilizing our established, contracted relationships with HR services providers, our internet presence, our national agent/broker network and our strong operations systems, the franchise owners chances of success are greatly increased.

A background in HR, insurance, payroll and/or sales will be very helpful.


When you join the EmployerNomics team as a franchise owner, you will receive outstanding support in a number of different critical and important areas of starting your new business:

Operational Support – we will be providing you with support at your location, along with managing tools, operational documentation and other management tools needed for you to open, manage and operate your franchise successfully

Strategic Partners – our established and contractual relationships with the nations leading HR outsourcing companies gives you reliable service, quick response, and profitable, sustainable, residual income.

Marketing Support – our website and SEO marketing campaigns will be of immediate benefit to all franchise owners. The national network of agents and brokers we maintain will also provide leads and potential clients.

Sales Support – our staff of skilled and accredited sales trainers will assist you and your sales staff in developing a reliable, efficient and effective sales system.


The initial franchise territories will be a protected area containing approximately one million population base to develop, with opportunities to expand in to additional territories with additional licensing.

There are procedures in place which will allow you to benefit from working across territories without infringing upon the rights of other franchises.

Outside Territories Procedures:

First, check with corporate to see if anyone has the territory. If not, we will set you up with a waiver to place that client. If so, we will put you in contact with that franchise holder and assist you in negotiating a mutually beneficial deal.


We are looking for entrepreneurs and salespersons who value the process of sales and customer relations. If sales were easy everyone would do it. If owning a business didn’t involve taking calculated risks then all would be business owners.

Desired Qualifications and Skills Recommended: • Sales experience and understand of needs based selling

Employer Insurance and / or Human Resources background or skills

Self sufficient and self motivated

Patience and “long view” strategy. This is a business that takes time, but generates long-tailed residual income.

People skills. Sales involves people.

Staying power. Because of the extended sales and commission cycle, it will be months before enough income is generated to support you and your staff.

Able to meet initial investment. A franchisee will need between $41K to $62K to get started and get the commission pipeline running.

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Franchise Fee: $25,000
Initial Investment: $42,350 - $61,500
Support and Training: Yes
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