Bark Life franchise
bark life franchise
Bark Life Markets Concept is apparent when the customers walk through the door. We are Not a Boutique!
Franchise Fee: $50,000
Initial Investment: $180,650 - $321,750
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: No

Bark Life franchise

Bark life franchise




Bark Life Markets Concept is apparent when the customers walk through the door. We are Not a Boutique! Bark Life is a Pet Health Food Store designed to cater to Men & Women as well as all size dogs and cats too, which is unheard of in Pet Specialty Stores. Our Cage-free Grooming Salon is safe and relaxing for all pets due to our “By appointment only” scheduling, so that our customers are in & out in about an hour. Self-Serve wash stations are an up & coming service in the Pet Industry that can be added to either Bark Life Model!


– The Market: Healthy Food and Treats for all budgets as well as a “Barkery,” toys, collars, supplements, Unique Pet Items etc. that you won’t find in the “Big Box” stores.

2 – Grooming Spa: Cage-free Grooming Spa that is not only convenient to the customers but will keep them coming back frequently, sometimes weekly!

3 – Self-Serve Wash: This is the hottest new trend in the Pet Industry and why not? A small amount of Sq ft. for a lot of return, & it keeps people coming in weekly & bi-weekly.


Bark Life has a management team that will offer unrivaled training and support, derived from over 30 years in the Pet Industry, from the very beginning and ongoing to ensure the success of all those in our Bark Life Franchise Family. The operating model is simple and has been structured with well-defined processes and systems in place. Initial training will be held at our Flagship Store on the Florida Suncoast in Pinellas County.


Bark Life sits in a great position in the franchise market with strong operating models in place and a strong differentiation from the rest of the Pet Specialty Retail concepts in the franchise market. Bark Life Market is the high- performing exception within the 65+Billion dollar a year & growing Pet Industry!

Bark life business opportunity



  • Operational Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Accounting Support
  • Audit Support
  • Legal Support

Bark Life will also continue ongoing research and development, which will stream down to each franchise location. With these great areas of support, becoming a franchisee of Bark Life could not be easier!

bark life owners


We are Mike and Tammy Vasquez The founders of Bark Life Market & More. As a husband and wife team with over 30 years in the pet industry, we have served many of our clients through 2nd and 3rd generations of their pets and we know the wants and needs of the pet parent. As parents of our Son Mike jr and two 4-legged sons, we understand that pets are part of the family and deserve to be catered to as such.

Why we started Bark Life: As very big animal lovers we felt that no one place offered pet parent’s a place to purchase safe, healthy foods and treats for large dogs as well as small dogs and cats while receiving one on one attention from educated staff. We also felt the need for a safe, cage-free grooming experience where their pets didn’t have to stay all day to receive a premium spa treatment.

What the pet food market offered before Bark Life: There are many pet “boutiques” that cater to only small dogs and there are several “Big Box” stores that have zero educated staff to help customers with special wants and needs as well as lack of healthy premium foods, treats & accessories. Then there is online purchasing. This is an unemotional, unhelpful way to shop and the customer still has to find a place to have their pets groomed so it’s really no solution at all! 


The  Bark Life business model is the solution: It’s not like that of a “Small Boutique” or “Big Box” stores. The Bark Life business model sits right in the middle. We provide the feel of a smaller mom-and-pop business with the professionalism, expertise and wide product offering that Bark Life’s customers desire. In addition to an operating concept that delivers premium services in a segment that revolves around and has multiple differentiators, the Bark Life model is all about the love for pets. Bark Life is a store for everyone. Our feeling is that it doesn’t have to cost customers a fortune to feed their pet a healthy diet, and Bark Life shows each customer exactly how to accomplish that. We know our customers are feeding everything from a Great Dane to a Chihuahua and their kitty friends too, even if there are specific health issues. Bark Life also realizes that our customers may have other pets at home so we carry a   limited selection of premium small animal, bird and fish food as well as Betta Fish. We didn’t want our Bark Life customers going to another pet store just to pick up food for them and the Betta fish are a fun and profitable addition and take up very little space.

The Bark Life Customer: With the humanization of our pets from millennials to baby boomers, it’s only natural that customers want only the best food, treats, toys and more for their fur babies and they want everyone to know how much they love their pets! This puts Bark Life in a great position, and it means they need a knowledgeable, caring staff as well as a relaxed grooming experience that they can’t get online! The desire for one-on-one attention by an educated staff is why the growth rate in the Pet Specialty Store market is around 25% in 2017 while Big Box has only seen a 4% growth. Currently, pet owners spend over $69 billion in 2017, and it is estimated that it will be nearing the $100 Billion Dollar a year mark by 2020, all spent on pets! $50.73 billion is spent on food, treats, supplements and grooming, everything Bark Life Market offers and in a clean, comfortable environment. 

Bark Life® the Lifestyle Brand: Bark Life is all part of the Lifestyle. Our customers love their pets and want the world to know it!  We have already sold thousands of car decals, magnets, shirts, hats & more that people proudly display to show their love for pets and yes, we own the Trademark. Think about this, customers are paying to advertise for Bark Life; what other Pet food store can say that? NONE! Would you wear any other pet store’s name on you? Would you put a decal on your car from a pet store? Of course not, every pet lover will proudly show that they are part of the Bark Life Lifestyle, and that’s proven, we have sold thousands of different “Bark Life Gear” over the last 6 years. “Bark Life Gear” is sold exclusively in Bark Life Stores & our website.


 Choose wisely: In the small pool of Pet Specialty Franchises select your Franchisor carefully, there are some good and more that are not. Do your due diligence, research and observe. Remember, it’s not only important to find a franchise with great growth potential and a proven model of success, but also one with a passionate mission. In our case, after 30+ Years in the Pet industry, we are ALL ABOUT THE DOGS & KITTIES TOO! We are so excited to move forward and not only bring Bark Life Markets to more neighborhoods but also to help people realize their dream of being a business owner. 

Bark life franchise


Fulfill Your Dream of Being a Business Owner and be a Part of an Over 65+Billion Dollar a Year Pet Industry!Bark life decals

  • The Pet Industry Is A 65+Billion Dollar A Year Industry With Pet Specialty Stores Having The Highest Yearly Growth of Over 25%! The “Big Box” Stores Had Only 4% Growth.
  • We Have Over 30 Years In The Pet Industry Behind Our Incredible Training & On-Going Support Program For Franchisee’s
  • Bark Life Market Has 3 Revenue Streams & Has Proven Strong Unit Sales.
  • “Bark Life” Is A Lifestyle Brand! People Will Pay You To Advertise Your Bark Life Franchise!



The potential franchisee list includes anyone who enjoys working with animals and being involved with pets. The business can be taught to people who have management experience and are detail oriented. Ideally, the franchisee will have some experience working in the pet business or service-based work. Because of the projected ROI for a Bark Life operation, the franchise will make an appealing investment opportunity.

The best Bark Life franchise operators will be great sales people and will operate with complete integrity in the business and in front of the customer. The number one quality we will look for in a potential candidate for Bark Life is their comfort level in sales and marketing the services and managing relationships with a large number of clients.


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Franchise Fee: $50,000
Initial Investment: $180,650 - $321,750
Support and Training: Yes
Home Based: No
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