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Introduction to Franchising
  • (FS1) Franchising Options – There are Two Forms to Franchise

    There are two options when you are opening a business franchise. Those two options are product-distribution or business-format franchise. It’s important to understand the difference between the two before you take a step forward with your business franchising decisions.   Franchising Options   Product Distribution Franchise: This franchise looks a lot like a supply or […]

  • what is franchising

    (FS1) Franchise Series 1 – What is Franchising?

    Franchising drives what we will call the entrepreneurial plane, taking businesses to a higher level, faster than ever. You will have a hard time driving down any city street, even in small towns, without passing at least one franchise. Franchising is so massive, that it is a part of just about any business line in […]

  • franchise business relationship

    (FS1) Franchising, Branding, and the Franchisor for You

    The International Franchise Association (IFA) hasn’t been publishing numbers of franchise success for years. It’s easy to falsify number and statistics specifically. You should be wary of any business or franchisor who swears by numbers or claims success based on statistics.   What is a Brand and What Does it Do in Franchising? It’s key […]

  • franchisee

    (FS1) The Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

    Every franchisor-franchisee relationship is different, even within the same company or brand name. The relationship will be specific between you and the franchisor and set, even starting from the very first time you make contact. Then from the personal level of franchisor-franchisee, there are the contract and business related relationships. Franchisor-Franchisee relationships come in three […]

  • about franchising

    Introduction to Franchise Opportunities Resource

    Franchise Series 1- Franchising Introduction Franchising is essential to the business market as it helps to bolster growth and development of brands in most industries. While the concept comes from ancient China, this is something that has evolved tremendously over the years. It grew tremendously as something business professionals could maintain, starting in the Middle […]