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  • moravia home care

    Moravia Health Home Care Service

        Moravia Health Home Care Service Moravia Health provides care and health services at home to empower the elderly and the disabled live independently and with dignity. The organization has certified home health aides, caregivers, and medical social workers who can provide a wide range of services based on the patient’s needs. The process […]

  • kinder karate franchise

    Kinder Karate Franchise

      Kinder Karate Franchise Kinder Karate is a youth martial arts program that is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6. The program was started in 2012 and has become popular in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where the first location was opened. The program is now open to potential franchisees who love working with […]

  • Bolt escape room

    Escape Room: An Opportunity to Earn More

      Escape Room: An Opportunity to Earn More The booming business trends nowadays are escape rooms that put groups of people in a challenge to test their mettle. It is a lucrative establishment and more entrepreneurs are looking to get a piece of the action. Though it may be expensive, franchisers are guaranteed a substantial return on investment. But why should you franchise […]

  • rockbox franchise

    RockBox Fitness Market and Industry Segment

      RockBox Fitness Market and Industry Segment Within the fitness market, many companies are trying to change the way they market to their audiences. They want to provide fresh and latest content and something that is going to drive the traffic to their doors. This is nice, but when it comes to actually delivering results […]

  • Own a franchise

    How do you own a franchise?

    How do you own a franchise? By Dara White, Franchise Consultant, Franchise Marketing Systems Atlanta Georgia   There are two ways that an individual or company can own a franchise. A Franchisor is an owner of a franchise model which specifically controls the parent company, trademarks, and products. A franchisee is a company that owns […]

  • franchisee


    WHO IS A FRANCHISEE?   Who is a franchisee?  It is estimated that there are nearly 750,000 franchise establishments in the United States; undoubtedly, some of these are multi-unit owners.  In any event, there are hundreds of thousands of franchisees and they all have one thing in common, they took a leap of faith to […]

  • How can I own a franchise

    How Do I Become a Franchise Owner

    How Do I Become a Franchise Owner   The franchise market is full of opportunity and choices.  We recommend following these steps to identify and plan for your success as you enter the franchise marketplace. 1. Decide on the type of franchise you want to open. Food, cleaning and check cashing services are common franchise […]

  • Slaters 5050 franchise

    Slater’s 50/50: This Burger Franchise is Breaking new Ground

      Slater’s 50/50: This Burger Franchise is Breaking new Ground Slater’s 50/50 is an incredible burger restaurant whose focus is entirely on customer experience which has been delivered through incredible menu offerings, burgers, bacon, and craft beer selections. The burger franchise brand has become famous for its 50/50 burger which consists of half bacon, half […]

  • French franchise opportunities

    French Bakery Franchise Opportunities

    French Bakery Franchise Opportunities   The particular category around baked goods and French franchise opportunities have seen a general increase in the U.S. Franchise market in recent years.  This market segment presents a significant opportunity for franchise investors if in the right market and with the right operator in place, they tend to have stronger […]

  • Hambleton Handyman

    Invest In The Hambleton Handyman Franchise Program

    Invest In The Hambleton Handyman Franchise Program   Hambleton Handyman has been in operation in Virginia for over 10 years, earning itself a place in the community and several repeat customers. The brand’s best form of advertisement has been through word of mouth as well as recommendations from its satisfied clients. Hambleton Handyman is now […]

  • Eventprep franchsie

    Event Planning Industry Shows Strong Growth

    Event Planning Industry Shows Strong Growth   EventPrep is a home-based event planning and management company providing service to clients nationwide. Founded by the United States military veterans, EventPrep focuses intensely on minimizing time, money, and burden that is placed on clients when planning corporate events. With Florida as their location for central headquarters, franchisees […]

  • Idea Lab

    The IDEA Lab Kids Franchise

       The IDEA Lab Kids Franchise The IDEA Lab is a new children’s education franchise opportunity opened to business partners who would like to grow financially in the growing childcare and educational services industry.  It’ was time for a great business that also offered great value to the students, Idea Lab is just that.    […]

  • Franchise buying process

    The 6-C Franchise Buying Process

    The 6-C Franchise Buying Process In today’s internet world, it takes a click of the button to find a couple thousand different brands that are vying for your business, competing for your attention and bombarding you with statistics, data and promises. But deciding on a franchise choice involves an intense process, and most importantly, understanding […]

  • Pizza Franchise

    How to Choose the Right Pizza Franchise?

    How to Choose the Right Pizza Franchise? Pizza franchising has come and gone….come and gone and now come back again for what seems like an incredible turn around in the entire pizza franchise market segment.  For years, the market was generally “stale” and lacked any real innovation or growth overall.  Brands such as Pizza Hut […]

  • Vr Junkies

    VR Junkies: A Franchise from the Future

      VR Junkies: A Franchise from the Future Virtual reality was once the domain of science fiction however, it has come a long way and still has a long way to go. There are many predictions surrounding it particularly with regards to its future as an industry: according to Statista, 44% of individuals between the […]

  • Franchise Sales Objections

    How to Overcome New Franchise Objections

    How to overcome new franchise objections. Part of being in the trenches with our clients, we’ve gotten lots of objections as to why I should buy a start-up franchise.   Our team has become highly skilled in meeting those objections and overcoming those objections. Recruiting your first franchise is a challenge, here are 9 tough […]