An Amazing Franchise Opportunity with Smoosh Ice Cream Cookies


An Amazing Franchise Opportunity with Smoosh Ice Cream Cookies

Smoosh has become a household name in Texas, thanks to the provision of high-quality services since its inception. The organization humbly started in the founder’s kitchen, has grown into a thriving business that now plans to expand to other parts of Texas through franchising.

For the last year, Smoosh has been making and selling delicious cookies, unique cookie sandwiches, milkshakes, sundaes, and ice cream with unique toppings. The products have so far been well received in a market overdue for unique products and the prospects for the future look good enough to make the brand want to expand its operations.

Among the benefits that the franchisee stands to receive are support and training from the head office.

  • Independent Franchised Units

The new branches will be independent of head office as they will operate as stand-alone businesses. They will receive support and the expertise on how to handle operations from head office, but the rest will be up to the managers at the franchise.

  • Strong and Ample Training

The products from Smoosh – cookies, ice cream, and sundaes as well as milkshakes – are made specially with secret ingredients and recipes passed down several generations. They are intellectually protected and so, unique to the organization.

Acquiring the franchise will mean access to this sensitive information so that the franchisee is able to replicate those products. Some of the goodies will be sent straight from the main office to the branch but profit will be shared in a formula reached at by the team.

  • Market Potential and Opportunity for Growth

Smoosh has been in business long enough to know the kind of clientele to follow and where to find the market for its goods. Each location will be scouted carefully to ensure fair competition and the ability to maintain a profitable business. The company’s product is well-loved and good enough to capture an audience wherever a store is opened and so a franchisee can be sure of breaking even in a short while.

  • Renowned Brand and Growing Scale of Opportunity

Starting a company from scratch is not easy, being as the entrepreneur has to build their brand from scratch. There is also the possibility of failing to launch, seeing as many start-ups fail within 5 years of starting.

Smoosh has built a name and strong brand that is now well-known within Texas and so the chances of being successful are very high. The start-up cost is substantially lower compared to similar businesses that have to acquire an enormous amount of assets just to set up. Thanks to a tried-and-tested business model, the franchisee has a bigger advantage to their counterparts who start from scratch.

The main office in Texas offers support even after the franchise is successfully established. Each location is uniquely chosen and the business model shared with franchise owners so that they can replicate the model for the success of their businesses.

The franchise opportunity is open to business-minded people who would be interested in a tried-and-tested business idea guaranteed to break even and become profitable with the right handling and management. For more information, visit the SMOOSH Franchise page: